best events in Barcelona

Fortunately for everyone who live in Barcelona as well as the many tourists who decide to visit the city, many events are held each year including cultural, leisure, social and technological events, both in the city and in the rest of the Barcelona province. The range is so wide that it is not difficult for each person, depending on their interests and likes, to find several events that arouse their curiosity. It is worth adding that, although it is true that most of the events are on during spring and summer, when the climate and temperatures improve there are open air activities to participate in. It is also equally true that some major events are organised during every month of the year.

What types of events do we offer information on?

In this section we will collate the most important and major events, as well as others that for various reasons we think are attractive, that are organised on a regular or recurring basis in Barcelona. For the one-off and sporadic events, you can find more information on our social networks (Facebook and Twitter).

The most important and major events in Barcelona

From music festivals to traditional festivals, as well as fairs and markets, art shows and exhibitions, here are a selection of the most important and major events that take place in Barcelona. You will surely know some of them already, and the information we offer will help you to discover new ones and the dates for this year. On the other hand, we hope that we can also surprise you with some events you do not know and, of course that these are of interest to you.

Events in January in Barcelona

Events in February in Barcelona

Events in March in Barcelona

Events in April in Barcelona

Events in May in Barcelona

Events in June in Barcelona

Ou Com Balla Barcelona

Ou com Balla

20th – 23rd June 2019
11th – 14th June 2020

Events in July in Barcelona

Events in August in Barcelona

Events in September in Barcelona

BAM Festival

BAM Festival

2019 (to be confirmed)
2020 (to be confirmed)

Events in October in Barcelona

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Events in December in Barcelona

Events held during several months of the year