Without a doubt, one of the best options for tourists when getting around on public transport in Barcelona is to purchase the transport pass Hola Barcelona travel card, which translates as Hello Barcelona or Hi Barcelona and which was originally known as Hola BCN.

More information about Hola Barcelona Travel Card Pass

The Hola Barcelona Travel card offers unlimited trips on the days on which it is valid, which without a doubt allows you to save a good deal of money as a single ticket is quite expensive and other types of card are not as good value for money if you are going to be using public transport a lot.

Prices, and where to buy the Hola Barcelona travel card

Hola Barcelona Travel Card

Hola Barcelona Travel Card


Public Transport travel pass

For 2, 3, 4 or 5 days


2 days pass (48 hours)€17.0
3 days pass (72 hours)€25.5
4 days pass (96 hours)€33.3
5 days pass (120 hours)€40.8

You can buy the Hola Barcelona pass online or in the dispensing machines at stations when you arrive in Barcelona. This card is personal to you, so you’re not allowed to share it with the people you’re travelling with.

Barcelona Card

As well as the Hola Barcelona Travel Card, there’s also the Barcelona Card, which combines unlimited travel on Barcelona’s public transport system with free entry to certain museums, and a host of discounts to many other tourist attractions and sights of the city.

Depending on the number of days you’re going to be staying in Barcelona and travelling around, there are different Hola Barcelona Travel Cards to suit your requirements. You can choose a Hola Barcelona Travel Card for 2, 3, 4 or 5 days. If, however, you’re only going to require unlimited travel for one day, the best option for you will be the T-Dia card.

Hola Barcelona by hours is a lot better

Currently the Hola Barcelona travel card is a card by hours not days, meaning, the 2 day Hola Barcelona travel card is valid for 48 hours, the 3 day Hola Barcelona travel card for 72 hours, the 4 day Hola Barcelona travel card for 96 hours and the 5 day Hola Barcelona Travel card for 120 hours.

So when you validate the card, it should not expire on midnight of the day when it expires (which is what happened previously) but it expires when the number of corresponding hours have passed since validating it.

On what modes of transport is the Hola Barcelona Travel Card valid?

The Hola Barcelona Travel Card is valid on all of Barcelona’s public transport systems, with the exception of taxis and NitBus. You can use the card as much as you want in any or all forms of transport, during the period of its validity.

Does it get you from / to Barcelona Airport?

The Hola Barcelona travel card does include the journey between the airport and Barcelona through various transport options. If you buy your Hola Barcelona Travel Card online you’ll be able to pick it up (showing your booking confirmation) in one of the Barcelona Turisme information points, in Terminal T1 or T2. By doing this, you’ll benefit from the Hola BCN’s advantages straight away.

From Barcelona to the airport and vice versa with Hola Barcelona Travel Card!

By metro: The Metro has stops in Terminal T1 (‘Aeroport T1’ station) and T2 (‘Aeroport T2’) of the ‘L9 Sud’ line. There’s usually a surcharge on buying single tickets to the airport, so the Hola Barcelona Travel Card will therefore save you money. The ‘L9 Sud’ line doesn’t stop in the heart of the city centre, so you’ll need to change (at ‘El Prat Estació’ station to connect to Line 1, at ‘Collblanc’ station to connect to Line 5 or at ‘Zona Universitaria’ station to connect to Line 3).

By bus: The public bus service 46 stops at Terminal T1 and T2. As it’s a public bus, it doesn’t offer the kind of space for your luggage that you’ll find on the dedicated Aerobus. Its final stop is in the Plaça Espanya, so if you want to get to the heart of the city centre, you’ll then need to catch another bus or the Metro. The bus stops several times en route, so the journey time is fairly long. It could be a good option for you if you’re staying close to Plaça Espanya or Montjuïc.

By train: The RENFE local train serves the airport’s Terminal T2. If you’re going to Terminal T1, you’ll need to catch the free shuttle bus, which connects both terminals in just a few minutes.

Modes of transport that can be used for free by holders of the Hola Barcelona Travel Card


Underground Station “Aeroport T1”

Underground Station “Aeroport T2”

Bus (TMB)

FGC (Ferrocarrils Generalitat Catalunya)


Renfe Local trains (Rodalies)

Barcelona’s Night buses

The Hola Barcelona Travel Card isn’t valid on Barcelona’s night buses (called NitBus, and run by the company AMB). In order to use the night buses, you’ll need to buy a single ticket on the bus itself, a T-10 ticket (allowing you 10 journeys on the city’s public transport), or one of the other valid tickets.

Recommendations on the Hola Barcelona Travel Card

Even though the Hola Barcelona travel card is usually a good option, we would recommend that before buying it you check whether it’s likely to be beneficial in your case, because depending on the nature of your holiday you might find the Barcelona Card better if you’re likely to be visiting more museums and tourist attractions.

It’s also advisable to do an approximate calculation of the amount of times you’re really likely to use public transport, as if your hotel is very central you might prefer to walk to most of the attractions that you’re going to visit. In this situation it might not work out profitable to buy the Hola Barcelona Travel Card pass, and you might find that a T-10 ticket (which allows you to make 10 individual journeys) might be better value for money.

From the moment you buy Hola Barcelona Travel Card you have 90 days to use the card. After this time, the Hola BCN! card expires.

Children less than 4 years old can travel on public transport in Barcelona for free, so you do not need to buy a Hola Barcelona Travel Card for them.

If you choose to buy the Hola Barcelona Travel Card online (Hola BCN!) you will get a 5% discount off its price. You have to collect the physical card from one of the tourist offices in Barcelona (also at Terminals T1 and T2 at the airport and at Sants train station in Barcelona).