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The number of hotels in Barcelona has increased greatly over the past few years, which means that although there are usually cheaper accommodation options available, you will find some excellent offers, especially if you decide to visit the city outside high season, or if you make your reservation at the last minute or take advantage of an early booking discount.

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You can use our search tool to reserve your hotel in Barcelona. All you have to do is select the arrival and departure dates, in order to find the various available hotels for these dates.

Once the list of all the hotels is displayed, you can refine your selection according to your preferences, whether it’s by the hotel’s star rating, its facilities or its location, and you can compare prices and characteristics in order to find the hotel that’s best for you.

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The best Hotels according to your requirements and preferences

If you’re looking for a certain type of hotel (for families, groups, next to the beach, themed, romantic or gay friendly), that meet certain requirements or preferences, here we give you detailed information on some options so that you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Barcelona hotels by category

In this section of irBarcelona you will find information about the different types of hotels in Barcelona, so that you can find out what facilities are typically offered by hotels of the various star ratings.

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1 star hotels Barcelona
If you’d like to find accommodation at a good price in Barcelona, a good option would be to stay in one of the many 1 star hotels that the city has...

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2 star hotels in Barcelona
If you’d would like to find reasonably priced accommodation in Barcelona whilst having a few extra comforts, a 2 star hotel might be a good option...

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4 star hotels Barcelona
The majority of Barcelona’s 4 star hotels offer practically the same facilities as 5 star hotels at a much lower price, which means that they are...

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5 star hotels Barcelona
Barcelona is a city with one of the highest numbers of 5 star hotels – currently more than 20 – and it is expected that this number will continue...

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