Family-friendly hotels and apartments in Barcelona

Updated Mar 16 2024

Interactive map with Beautiful family accommodations in Barcelona


If you usually travel as a family, especially with small children, you’ll know how important it is to find family-friendly accommodation that allows you to enjoy your holidays with all the facilities that you require.

As well has having generously sized rooms for the whole family, family-friendly hotels are much more geared up towards the children, often offering special services or activities for them and for parents, and on some occasions offering some discounts which could save you a considerable amount of money.

The best family-friendly hotels in Barcelona

Given the huge variety of hotels in Barcelona, it shouldn’t be hard to find good family-friendly hotels, even for large families. However, to make your search easier we have included a list of some of the best below.

The convenience of an apartment or aparthotel

If you’re looking for the convenience and freedom of an apartment, something that’s often essential when travelling with children, you will find a huge number of apartments and aparthotels that offer rooms for 3 or 4 people, and even for 6 in some cases. To help you to pick the best family-friendly apartment for you, we’ve given you a selection of the most suitable apartments that the city has to offer.

Services and benefits provided

Cot(s) provided free of charge, by prior arrangement.
Free breakfast for children under a certain age (normally 12-14 years old).
Special children’s meals.
Prams and pushchairs.
Special welcome packs for children.
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