getting around Barcelona

Updated Jun 05 2023

Because it’s such a big city, Barcelona offers many different methods of transport for getting around and discovering the city in the best way, according to your preferences.

irBarcelona recommends that wherever possible you should discover the city by foot when you’re covering shorter distances, because you will then discover the real Barcelona, seeing the wonderful back streets, squares, historic sites, and of course the warmth of the city’s people.

TMethods of transport in Barcelona

For longer distances you will probably want to use public transport (for example the Metro, Bus, Tram or Taxi), one of the forms of transport designed for tourists (for example the tourist bus), or on the other hand you could rent a private vehicle.

Barcelona’s public transport system offers the guarantee of a reliable, fast and effective network, which reaches all the main areas and tourist attractions of the city, and many other places that will be of interest to you.

However, if you would prefer more freedom in discovering in the city, you might decide to use private transport. Of the various options, one of the best could be to rent a motorbike, one of the most popular methods of transport used by the locals. There are many rental companies offering this service.

If you prefer, we would also recommend that you rent a bicycle or roller blades, which will give you some light exercise whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery that Barcelona has to offer.

However, hiring a car to get around the city really isn’t recommended; because of the amount of traffic in the city centre and problems finding parking, we advise against it. That said, if you’d like to take a day trip or a short break outside Barcelona, hiring a car is a great option, as it will give you better flexibility and independence for your trip.

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