Barcelona’s monuments

Owing to the many outstanding Catalan artists, whether locally or internationally known, in Barcelona there are many monuments although they aren’t entirely the work of Calatan artists. As you walk at your leisure through the city, you will find some of the monuments that are characteristic of Barcelona, such as the Arc de Triomf, the statue of Christopher Columbus monument and the Font de Canaletes amongst others.

There are many other monuments in Barcelona which are sometimes overlooked, whether it’s because they don’t have the international reputation as the ones above, or whether they are situated in areas which are less-frequented by tourists, but their construction helps to give the city it’s special charm.

Notable monuments

Below we have given you a list of some of Barcelona’s most significant monuments, some of which you will already know and others we hope you’ll discover thanks to the information we have given you.


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Canaletes Fountain
On the Rambla de Canaletes, the initial stretch of La Rambla near the Plaça de Catalunya, you’ll find one of the best known monuments in...

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Barceloneta's clock tower
For better or worse, Barceloneta’s Clock Tower (in catalan Torre del Rellotge) is one of those sights that often goes unnoticed. We say ‘for...

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