Fin de Año en Barcelona

Updated Mar 09 2021

Without a doubt, one of the most eagerly anticipated celebrations of the year is that of New Year’s Eve, known as ‘Nochevieja’ in Spanish. In spite of the fact that Barcelona might not be as well-known for its celebrations as, for example New York’s Times Square, London’s Big Ben, Paris’s Avenue de Champs Elysées or Madrid’s Plaza del Sol, this has changed as recently as 2013, when Montjuïc’s Magic Fountain started to host the city’s official New Year’s festivities.

More information about New Year’s Eve in Barcelona

If you’re going to be spending New Year in Barcelona, we’re sure that you would be interested in knowing a bit more about the traditions and customs of the city, as well as those of the rest of Spain, so that you can make this most of the festival.

How and where do people celebrate New Year’s Eve in Barcelona?

If you’re on holiday in Barcelona for New Year’s we hope that you’ll find this up to date information useful. It touches upon how best to enjoy New Year’s in Barcelona, with the full details on the official party to welcome the arrival of the New Year, as well as some recommendations and advice on how to make the most of all that the city has to offer on this special night.

1. Going to the official event 2021 / 2022

New Year's Eve official event

Coronavirus pandemic

It is almost certain that this year the official end of the year party in Barcelona will not be celebrated. If it is held in the end, it will be very small and with many restrictions.

Organised next to the Montjuïc fountain, New Year’s in Barcelona is officially celebrated from the 31st December 2013. From 9.30pm the so-called pre-Show starts, which features the Montjuïc Magic Fountain show. Together with other events it allows all spectators to forget about the cold and enjoy the hours and minutes before the New Year arrives. The actual New Year’s Eve show starts at 11.45pm, with a show where the performing arts and fireworks are the main stars. At exactly midnight 12 bells ring, when traditionally 12 grapes are eaten along with the strike of each bell and people, both Barcelona residents and the many tourists present, celebrate the New Year. The show lasts until 12.20am (approximately), with the pyrotechnics show in full swing. Here, the vast majority of people leave the area to head to a bar or club which they have previously bought the ticket for to keep the party going.

Map and how to get there

Place: At pl. (square) Buïgas (next to the Magic Fountain at Montjuïc).
Date: 31st December 2021.
Pre-Show & Magic Fountain Show: From 21:30.
SHOW: From 23:45 to 0:20 (approximately).
Metro: ESPANYA (lines 1 and 3). The Metro runs all night on New Year’s Eve.
Day Buses: lines 9, 13, 37, 48, 55, D20, H12 (which all usually run until around 22:30-23:00), and the tourist bus.
Night Buses: N0, N1, N2, N13, N14, N15, N16, N17 (these buses usually run from 23:00, throughout the night).
On foot: if you’re already in the Poble Sec or Sants-Montjuïc area, the best way to get there is on foot.

Our recommendation

After watching the fireworks, if you were planning to catch the Metro straight away we’d recommend waiting a bit, as there are often queues due to the sheer amount of people travelling at the same time. Another option, if you’re catching Line 3 of the Metro, is to walk up to the nearby stop of Tarragona, where the queue won’t be anything like as long. Another option is to walk until Tarragona metro stop (Line 3) or Hostafrancs (Line 1), where there will be less of a queue, these won’t be as busy as the nearby stop Espanya (Lines 1 and 3).

2. At a hotel or other Accommodation

New Year's Eve hotel Barcelona

The night of December 31, most hotel restaurants organise a New Year’s Eve dinner and sometimes a party so that all their guests can celebrate this special night. Sometimes they even include a small show or a place to dance to keep the party going into the New Year after the 12 bells ring out. It’s certainly an excellent idea, given the convenience of staying in the hotel and enjoying the celebrations all under the same roof. Although every hotel will have a different way of organising and charging for their events, they will all charge you extra if you’d like to join in their celebrations.

Recommended hotels

3. Night venues, clubs and New Year’s Eve Parties

Nightclubs and organised parties New year eve

Most clubs organise a New Year’s Eve party (usually from 0:30/01:00 onwards). We recommend you buy the tickets in advance to avoid being without a ticket and you can also get a discount for most venues. It is also common to celebrate parties in some of the most iconic public places in the city, such as Poble Espanyol. Sometimes, and depending on the year, a big fiesta will be organised in different spaces around the city that have enough room for a big crowd of people. In any case, we recommend you to buy the ticket in advance.

New Year’s Eve Party Opium

New Year Eve Party Opium
Opium Barcelona
pg. Marítim Barceloneta, 34.
€ 50€.
Hits | Latin | Electronic.

New Year’s Eve Party Les Enfants

New Year Eve Party Les Enfants
Les Enfants
c/ de Guàrdia, 3.
€ 25€ – 35€.
Hits | Disco | Pop.

New Year’s Eve Party Soho The Club

New Year Eve Party Soho
Soho The Club
c/ de Aribau, 195.
€ 25€ – 40€.
Hits | Latin | Electronic.

New Year’s Eve Party Pachá

New Year Eve Party Pachá
Pachá Barcelona
pg. Marítim Barceloneta, 38.
€ 50€ – 60€.
Electronic | House | Hits | R&B.

New Year’s Eve Party Shôko

New Year Eve Party Shôko
Shôko Barcelona
pg. Marítim Barceloneta, 34.
€ 50€.
Hip Hop | R&B | Reggaeton.

New Year’s Eve Party Razzmatazz

New Year Eve Party Razzmatazz
c/ dels Almogàvers, 122.
€ 44,5€ – 54,5€.
Techno | House.

New Year’s Eve Party Catwalk

New Year Eve Party Catwalk
c/ de Ramon Trias Fargas, 2-4.
€ 40€ – 60€.
Hip Hop | House | R&B.

New Year’s Eve Party Otto Zutz

New Year Eve Party Otto Zutz
Otto Zutz
c/ de Lincoln, 15.
€ 35€ – 60€.
Hip Hop | Hits | Reggaeton.

Recommended nightclubs, parties and night-time venues

c/ Pamplona, 88
New Year’s Eve party
(0034) 933 20 82 00
pl. Doctor Andreu
New Year’s Eve party
(0034) 934 18 58 79
c/ de Vila i Vilà, 99
Burlesque Show
(0034) 932 05 51 11
c/ Ramón Trias Fargas, 2-4
House with international DJ
(0034) 932 24 07 40
Passeig de Gràcia, 73
Music and quiet atmosphere
(0034) 934 45 32 26
pl. Reial, 17
Party and music with DJs
(0034) 933 04 12 10
Avda. Francesc Ferrer i Guardia, 13
Party in a club and a marquee
(0034) 935 08 63 00
Passeig Marítim, 34
Party (and optional dinner)
(0034) 655 57 69 98
Passeig Barceloneta, 38
Party (and optional dinner)
(0034) 648 81 59 85
c/ Lincoln, 15
New Year’s Eve party
(0034) 626 95 18 23
Rambla Catalunya, 2-4
New Year’s Eve party
(0034) 932 38 07 22
c/ Tuset, 13
Party with DJs
(0034) 667 43 27 59
Book in advance

It’s always best to book your New Year’s Eve entertainment in advance, whether it’s dinner in a restaurant, a party in a bar or nightclub, or an organised event. This means you’ll be sure to celebrate New Year’s Eve the way you want to, and by doing so you might also save money. Now the opportunity to spend a fantastic New Year’s Eve in Barcelona just depends on you, so don’t hesitate any more and get planning – we’re waiting for you!

4. New Year’s dinner and celebration in bars and restaurants

bare and restaurants Barcelona New Year Eve

After the 12 bells chime, most of these bars and Barcelona’s restaurants play good music and sometimes a place to dance to carry on partying well into the night. If not, you can choose to end the night at one of the many clubs or music venues as almost all of them have an event on to celebrate into the early morning.

Recommended bars, restaurants and venues

c/ Manuel Arnús, 2
Dinner and New Year’s Eve party
(0034) 934 18 58 80
c/ Tuset 19-21
Dinner and party (optional)
(0034) 937 00 44 53
c/ Balmes, 24
Dinner and Drag Queen show

(0034) 933 17 22 48
Inside Poble Espanyol
Dinner and Flamenco show
(0034) 933 25 68 95
pl. Catalunya, 21
Dinner and New Year’s Eve party
(0034) 932 70 23 05
pl. Rosa dels Vents
Dinner and party (W Lounge)
(0034) 932 95 26 37
Passeig Barceloneta, 32
Dinner and New Year’s Eve party
(0034) 932 240 47
Passeig Joan de Borbó, 88
Luxury dinner
(0034) 932 21 00 07
Passeig Marítim, 36
Dinner and New Year’s Eve party
(0034) 932 25 92 00
c/ Pau Clarís, 92
Dinner and New Year’s Eve party
(0034) 933 34 02 58
pl. Doctor Andreu
Cocktail dinner and party
(0034) 934 17 92 79

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New year’s eve party video

Photo gallery

Five tradition and customs

If we were to compare the traditions of celebrating New Year’s Eve in Barcelona and the rest of Spain with those of various cities across Europe and the rest of the world, we’d find that although there are a few similarities, there are also many differences.

1. New Year’s Eve Dinner

There’s no traditional meal as such for New Year’s Eve in Spain, but it’s normal for the people of Barcelona to dine with family and friends, and it’s the time of year when people decide to treat themselves to something a little more elaborate or expensive, with good seafood featuring wherever the budget permits.

2. The chimes and the twelve grapes

The Spanish tradition of accompanying the midnight chimes by eating twelve grapes appears to have started towards the end of the 19th century, quite possibly in Madrid in 1896, when a group of people decided to go to the Plaza del Sol to re-enact, with a little irony, the custom which was observed by the bourgeoisie – that of accompanying their New Year’s Eve meal with grapes and Champagne. It gradually turned into a tradition in itself, partly due to the coverage in the press, and became an annual event in 1909 when the farmers of Levante, Murcia and Alicante decided to popularize the tradition in order to meet an overproduction of grapes that year, bringing it across Spain, including to Barcelona.

Grapes and superstition

Now it’s said that whoever manages to eat the twelve grapes at the sound of the twelve chimes at midnight without choking will have good luck throughout the forthcoming year.

3. Red lingerie!

Wearing red lingerie on New Year’s Eve is more of a superstition than a tradition. It’s becoming more common, and as the colour red is seen to be synonymous with prosperity, especially in relation to love, it’s seen to bring luck in the year that lies ahead.

4. A ring in a glass of Cava

Another tradition is that of toasting the New Year with a ring inside a glass of Cava. It’s said to bring wealth and prosperity in the coming year.

5. New Year’s Resolutions

Making a wish list of things to achieve or experience in the year ahead is almost an obligation, in order to approach the New Year with enthusiasm and good intentions. Of course making a list isn’t good enough in itself – it comes with the promise to make an effort to ensure that the resolutions become reality.