Barcelona’s churches

Updated May 27 2023

Visiting Barcelona’s churches is a good way of getting to know the history of the city, as well as learning about the local Romanesque, Gothic, Modernist and Neoclassical traditions amongst others. Even in comparison to some of the Italian cities, with Rome as one of the main examples, and in spite of the damage suffered by many churches in fires throughout the years, Barcelona still has almost 200 churches, and many of them have great architectural and historical interest.

By far the most well-known tourist attraction is the Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia. The Catedral de Santa Eulàlia de Barcelona (more popularly known as la Catedral de Barcelona) also has an international reputation, as does the Basilica de Santa María del Mar, well-known thanks to the book by Ildefonso Falcones.

These churches are a must-see, but we do urge you to delve a bit deeper and visit Barcelona’s lesser well-known churches, since they are a part of the living legacy of the city and they will all help you to learn a bit more about Barcelona’s recent and oldest history.

List of the most important churches in Barcelona

Many of Barcelona’s most interesting churches and places of worship are in the historic centre of the city, so you will probably end up passing some of them without even planning to do so. Others, however, are situated in the not-so-central areas, or a little further out of the city centre.

In general, admission to Barcelona’s churches is free, although you will have to pay to visit a few of them, such as the Sagrada Familia. In other churches, in spite of being able to enter free of charge most of the time, at certain times you might need to pay for a tourist ticket, as is the case with Barcelona Cathedral.

Map of Barcelona’s churches

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