5 star hotels Barcelona

Updated Mar 16 2024

Search and book the best luxury 5 star hotels in Barcelona


Barcelona is a city with one of the highest numbers of 5 star hotels – currently more than 20 – and it is expected that this number will continue to rise.

These hotels, many of which are well-known and have an international reputation, provide a unique type of accommodation for anyone who is after a luxurious break in Barcelona.

Services of a 5 Star Hotel in Barcelona

Without a doubt, what distinguishes a 5 star hotel is the high level of service that the staff provide to the hotel’s guests and the amenities that are at the guests’ disposal, in luxury surroundings.

These could include a restaurant on a high floor with good views of the city, in some cases even a Michelin-starred restaurant, a good gym and spa area, providing services such as massages and beauty treatments, and many more luxuries.

In addition to this, the luxury hotels tend to be in an excellent location, either because of their proximity to the city centre, or because they are slightly further away but with spectacular views.

The best recommended 5 star luxury hotels in Barcelona

It goes without saying that each and every one of the 5 star hotels in Barcelona would be an excellent choice of accommodation, but we have nevertheless included links to more information about a few which we would particularly recommend. We have also provided a search tool so that you can perform a more extensive search of all the 5 star hotels that are available for your stay in Barcelona.

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