Barcelona private tours for groups

Updated Jun 05 2023

If you’re look for an experience which will allow you to discover a particular area, or areas, of Barcelona, or if you’d like to take part in a guided tour of some of the city’s museums, historic buildings or other places of great cultural and touristic interest, the best thing would be to arrange a private guided tour which is completely bespoke.

Through irBarcelona, and in collaboration with the best specialist companies in their field using official tourist guides from Barcelona and Catalunya (Catalonia), we can arrange a bespoke tour in English to suit your requirements.

Reserve your bespoke tour in English, or request more information

In order to make the most of the experience of a private tour of the city, the outskirts or even further afield within Catalunya (for example a coastal town within the Barcelona area or on the Costa Brava, or one of the charming towns within the Catalan Pyrenees), all you have to do is fill in the form that you’ll find below. Once filled in and sent, your email will be read and dealt with in a completely personal manner by our team.

Customer service, dedication and professionalism Made in irBarcelona

Just as you’ll find with the contents of our website, we put the best customer service, dedication and professionalism into the management of these tours.

    DATE OF TOUR (if you already know)

    TIME OF DAY(*)



    Depending on the type of tour you’ve requested and the possible queries that you may have for us, it’s likely that we will contact you ourselves, from the irBarcelona team, in order to resolve your queries. If it’s simply a case of taking some final details and planning the tour that you have requested, it will probably be the specialised tour company that we feel is most appropriate for your requirements that will be in touch with you.

    Or it might even be the tour guide himself or herself who has been assigned to the tour, who will speak with you directly.

    Benefits and features of our bespoke private tours

    Completely personalised tours
    Tours in your English
    Always with official tour guides
    Avoid queues to get into museums
    Maximum professionalism and the best customer service

    Totally flexible
    Visit everything you have plannet to visit
    Discover other plans of interest that are suggested by the tour guide
    Also covers the outskirts of Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia

    Priority access to museums and other places of interest

    One of the benefits that taking part in a tour with an official tour guide offers is that you’ll have priority access to museums and other places of interest (Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Picasso Museum, Casa Batlló, La Pedrera, etc.), so you will avoid the potentially long queues that often form at the ticket offices.

    A table showing guideline prices of certain services (2023)

    * 2 HOUR TOUR
    HALF DAY EXCURSION (5 hours)
    FULL DAY EXCURSION (10 hours)

    * Conditioned to book with us the tickets to visit one monument.

    Price without VAT.

    Holiday is understood as Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays during the year.

    The cost of the tickets to enter the museums and sights than aren’t free of charge is not included in the price of the tour

    It’s standard practice with these types of private tours, that if the tour involves visits to museums or other places of interest, the price of the entry tickets isn’t included in the price of your tour. Note that other possible expenses, such as transport if necessary, food and drink and any booking fees for tickets aren’t included either.

    TOUR OF 2 HOURS: we don’t usually arrange 2-hour tours, because it’s very little time to do a tour without hurrying, or at the high standard we are used to offering. Conditioned reservation to book with us the tickets to visit one monument.

    TOUR OF 4 HOURS: The meeting point for the tour will be either the group’s hotel or the most convenient place for the members of the group.

    The price of the tours is fixed, which makes it ideal for groups of friends, companies or large or extended families (up to a maximum of 25 people), and of course the more people you have on the tour, the better value per person it will work out. In order for us to guarantee the availability of the tour company and guides, and to give you the best service possible, we recommend getting in touch with us at least a fortnight in advance.

    Also available for groups of more than 25 people

    If you’re thinking about organising a tour of the city for more than 25 people (which is very common for those taking part in large conferences in Barcelona, as well as for companies wishing to organise a tour for their employees), here at irBarcelona, and with the help of the best specialist companies in the tourism sector, we can arrange this for you.

    Depending on the exact number of participants, it may be possible to add another guide for the group, or, if the group is still too big, to divide it into smaller groups.

    We can go through all these details with you once you’ve got in touch with us and let us know about the specific needs of the group.

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