youth hostel in Barcelona

Updated Feb 26 2024

Barcelona’s youth hostels are ideal for young travelers. In most cases they provide the most basic facilities, resulting in the cheapest accommodation.

The fact is that many of the tourists who visit Barcelona are young, often travelling on a tight budget, and they would prefer to spend their money on enjoying the activities that the city has to offer, rather than on the place in which they are staying. Youth Hostels are therefore one of the most sought after types of accommodation in the city.

Make a reservation in a youth hostel in Barcelona

From the various youth hostels that are available in Barcelona we have made a small selection of some of the most central and cheapest, also providing a search tool that will help you find many more. This will enable you to book the one that best suits what you’re looking for.

Characteristics and advantages of staying in a youth hostel

Some of the best Youth Hostels in Barcelona are privately owned, but many are owned by the city or the Generalitat de Catalunya. In each case they generally have the same characteristics, with rooms that are normally for a minimum of 4 people, in somewhat confined spaces, with shared bathrooms and communal areas – it’s ideal for groups, and also for meeting people.

One of the advantages of staying in a youth hostel in Barcelona, as well as being very cheap accommodation, is that of location, since they are usually found right in the heart of the city centre, within walking distance of most of the cultural sights and entertainment attractions.

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