Barcelona’s palaces

Updated Jun 01 2023

As Barcelona is a city with such a rich and vibrant history, although many buildings haven’t stood the test of time, the city still has many palaces and mansions, originating from different eras and in different styles.

Out of all of Barcelona’s palaces, you will only have the opportunity to visit the inside of some of them, because many are privately owned or sites of public institutions that are active today. In most cases you will only be able to admire the beauty of their façades, unless your visit to Barcelona coincides with a public holiday in the city, at which times some of the palaces and mansions which are normally closed to the public open their doors to some of the rooms free of charge.

The most beautiful palaces in Barcelona

Most of the city’s mansions, whether they are open to the public or not, serve a different purpose to that for which they were originally intended, in many cases becoming renowned museums or headquarters of major institutions.

Below we give you a list, and more information about some of the most important palaces in Barcelona, and although some of them are closed to the public we’re sure that even the opportunity to see the architecture of the façades will be enough to impress you greatly.

Map of the most important palaces of Barcelona

List and information on the most beautiful palaces in Barcelona

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