bike hire and rental in Barcelona

Updated May 22 2023

If you’re someone who would like to explore Barcelona in a speedy fashion and also to do a bit of exercise while you’re here, then hiring a bike might be a good idea for you, as there are many cycle routes that will enable you to see the city in a slightly different light.

The best times of year to discover Barcelona by bike are in the spring, autumn and summer, perhaps except the hottest days of the year when cycling might feel more like a chore than a pleasure.

It’s also possible to discover some areas of the city by bike in the winter, although it’s probably the time of year when you would least feel like doing so.

How much does it cost to hire a bike?

It’s really not expensive to hire a bike in Barcelona, and it’ll work out more economical the more time you commit to hiring the bike.

4 HOURS€10
8 HOURS€13
1 DAY€16
2 DAYS€26

The price will vary depending on the company you hire the bike from, and also depending on the specifications of the bike – some companies only rent bikes that are perfectly adequate for tourists, others provide a greater variety of bikes, such as hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, tricycles, tandems and even electric bikes.

How and where to hire a bike in Barcelona?

You’ll have no problem at all finding somewhere, as there are many companies that specialise in hiring bikes in Barcelona, especially as the excellent weather makes a trip round the city on a bike a very enjoyable experience during most of the year.

What do you need in order to hire a bike in Barcelona?

The only basic requisites for being able to hire a bike in Barcelona is to have the enthusiasm for getting on your bike and for enjoying what the city has to offer, so all you need to do is make the payment in advance, as well as leaving a deposit, the cost of which depends on the company with which you hire your bike.

In the past few years there have been substantial improvements to the cycle routes and facilities for cyclists, and they are getting better all the time. It’s still not perfect, thought; in spite of more widespread cycle lanes and better consideration for cyclists by motorists, Barcelona is still behind many of the European cities that have a better tradition of cycling.

Companies that specialise in hiring bikes

The option to hire an electric bike

Various bicycle hire companies also offer you the chance to hire electric bikes. Although the price will be somewhat higher, if you go for an electric bike you’ll be able to ride around the city more easily, something that those visitors to the city who perhaps aren’t used to doing a lot of regular exercise might appreciate.

And what about doing a guided tour by bicycle?

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