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Barcelona in spring, like so many other cities and recalling the refrain of a famous Spanish song which refers to Seville, has a special colour. During the months of March, April, May and June, its gardens and parks really shine and, consequently, they shine in all their splendour. A splendour that also, to a greater or lesser extent, spreads to the rest of the city’s locations.

The charms of Barcelona during the spring months

This colourful flowering, together with other spring charms of Barcelona, ranging from a pleasant climate to the not too many tourists (with the exception of Easter) who travel around the different corners of the city, make spring an ideal season of the year to visit Barcelona.

Obviously, there are many other reasons why it is good to travel to Barcelona during this period of the year. That is why, below, we discuss and describe the characteristics and special features of our city during the spring.

1. What places to see and visit in Barcelona during Spring?

The TOP attractions in Barcelona you cannot miss

Barcelona Picasso Museum tickets

Picasso Museum Barcelona with ArticketBCN


Includes admission to 6 museums and art foundations

Barcelona Turisme

tickets Camp Nou Experience

Camp Nou Experience


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Temporary exhibitions in Barcelona this spring

“Sorolla, A New Dimension” immersive exhibition

Sorolla A New Dimension Immersive exhibition Barcelona

Great immersive exhibition that allows you to immerse yourself in the work of Joaquín Sorolla, the Valencian painter considered the great dominator of light

Virtual reality, 360º projections and digital art

Centre d’Arts Amatller (Arts Center)

Salvador Dalí immersive exhibition

IDEAL Centre d’Arts Digitals exhibition


Thematic exhibition to be confirmed

IDEAL Centre d’Arts Digitals


World of Banksy exhibition

The World of Banksy


Immersive exhibition on the artist Banksy

Espai Trafalgar Barcelona

The best tourist cards for visiting Barcelona

In these sections you will have the opportunity to buy the best tourist cards in Barcelona, each with their own characteristics and advantages (tickets to interesting tourist attractions, transfer to/from the airport, public transport, etc.).

You will also be able to buy tickets for the best tourist attractions in the city (among which it is worth noting Park Güell, Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, F.C. Barcelona stadium) and in this way ensure your ticket and save yourself the long queues that usually form at the ticket offices.

Barcelona Pass

Barcelona Pass


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2 TOP Gaudí attractions


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purchase ArticketBCN Passport

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Picasso Museum + Miró Foundation + Tàpies Foundation + CCCB + MACBA

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Barcelona Turisme

Some of the tourist cards already include access to certain top places in the city, such as the City Pass with Park Güell and Sagrada Familia.

The gardens at Montjuïc park in spring

flowers at Montjuïc Mountain

Montjuïc Mountain, also known as Montjuïc park, has countless gardens spread out over several points and located at different heights. Each one has its own characteristics (type of plants, monumental fountains, statues, ponds, viewpoints, etc.) and, therefore, its own charm.

Montjuïc gardens are perfect for visiting all year round. But, surely spring, especially from the middle or end of April, when the flowers start to shine in all their splendour, is the best time of the year to visit.

You will also find many more attractions, both tourist (Montjuïc Castle, Aeri de Port cable car, Montjuïc Magic Fountain, etc.) and cultural (MNAC, Joan Miró Foundation, Olympic and Sports Museum, etc.). Without a doubt, Montjuïc Mountain is a must-see in spring.

2. Ideal plans to enjoy Barcelona in spring

Barcelona at night

Magic Fountain Montjuïc

If you want to make the most of Barcelona’s nightlife, there are many different and interesting options. From the more relaxing plans, such as going out for a stroll through the narrow streets of Barcelona’s historic centre, whose charm is multiplied at night, to the busiest plans, that are best represented by the city’s best clubs.

In order to further explore each and every one of the night-time plans that Barcelona offers, we encourage you to have a look at the section we have prepared for you.

This section will be available soon

Outdoor activities and events

market stalls at El Raval

These are the outdoor activities and events that are held in Barcelona, one of the first signs that spring has arrived in the city. When you stroll through the streets and squares, you may come across food fairs that show different specialities of our cuisine (Tast a La Rambla), to clothing and accessories markets, to samples of different cultures (such as Matsuri – Japan), several music festivals (Primavera Sound, Festival Jardins de Pedralbes, Sónar, etc.) and all kinds of events (such as the Week of Terraces in Hotels).

So, we encourage you to follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts as well as to read the specific section of the month when you will be in Barcelona so as not to miss any of these outdoor activities.

3. Book your hotel or apartment in Barcelona during the spring


With the following interactive map, you will be able to find your ideal accommodation to enjoy your holidays in Barcelona during the spring. All you have to do is indicate the dates of your trip and not only the hotels, apartments, hostels and other accommodation available during these dates will be shown on the map, but also the price of the stay will be shown. To be able to see the details of each hotel, you need to navigate through the map to click on the accommodation you are interested in booking.

4. What are the main events in Barcelona during Spring?

Easter in Barcelona

Easter Holidays in Barcelona

Easter requires a special mention, and during this holiday period the number of visitors in Barcelona multiplies. Also, there are certain special activities and events that deserve a special mention. So, if you are travelling to Barcelona during the Easter holidays, we recommend you take a look at the specific section that we have prepared in irBarcelona so you can organise your trip in the best possible way.

Sant Jordi Festival Barcelona

Sant Jordi à Barcelone

23rd April 2024

23rd April 2025

Catalonia April Fair in Barcelona

Catalonia’s April Fair in Barcelona

April 26 – May 5, 2024

2025: to be confirmed

logo Primavera Sound Barcelona Festival

Primavera Sound Barcelona

30th May – 1st June 2024

2025: to be confirmed

Night of the Museums in Barcelona

The Museum Night

Saturday May 18, 2024

2025: to be confirmed

Sónar Festival Barcelona

Sónar Festival

13th, 14th and 15th June 2024

2025: to be confirmed

Ou Com Balla Barcelona

Ou com Balla

30th May – 2nd June 2024

19th June – 22nd June 2025

Jardins Pedralbes Festival

Festival Jardins Pedralbes

2024: to be confirmed

2025: to be confirmed

Barcelona Hotel Terrace Week

Hotel Terraces Week

2024: to be confirmed

2025: to be confirmed

5. What is spring like in Barcelona? Advantages and disadvantages


Weather: Good temperatures and, despite some typical spring rain, the weather is good or very good.
Peace and quiet: Less tourists compared to other times of the years (except during Easter) make visiting the city a real pleasure.
Outdoors: Many outdoors activities and recreational events (concerts, markets, fairs, etc.).
The landscape: The landscape of the parks and gardens in the city is, truly, wonderful. We recommend you do not miss those on Montjuïc Mountain.
The terraces: The possibility of enjoying the terraces of bars and chiringuitos (beachfront bars).
Daylight hours: After the clocks change from Saturday morning to Sunday morning on the last weekend in March, you can enjoy an “extra” hour of sunlight in the evening, which gives you more time to visit certain places in daylight.
Extended opening hours: Many museums and tourist attractions, as well as outdoor spaces such as parks and gardens, make the most of longer daylight hours during spring to extend their opening hours.

Small disadvantages

Sea water temperature: If you want to enjoy a good swim on the beach, it is best to organise your trip to Barcelona in summer because during spring, despite the many days of sunshine and the pleasant and even warm temperatures, the water is still quite cold. However, at the end of May and beginning of June (still in spring) it can be a good time to spend the day at the beach and even to swim.
Respiratory allergies: Those of you who suffer from the typical spring allergies, may have a problem in this regard. That is why we suggest that you get information beforehand on the peaks of respiratory allergies in Barcelona during your holidays and see if they coincide with the allergy you suffer from. And, of course, we advise you to always take a good antihistamine with you and nose drops that all of us with allergies know so well.
A little extra rain: Spring is also a rainy season and, even if you are never sheltered, it is likely that during this period there is always a risk of falling on more rainy days than the rest of the year.

6. What is the weather like in Barcelona? Information and weather forecast

Obviously, the weather in spring, which includes 4 different months of the year, will not always be the same. So, at the end of March and as is normal, temperatures will be much cooler, especially when it goes dark.

MonthTemp. Max. ºCTemp. Med. ºCTemp. Min. ºCDays of rain

However, in mid-June, when summer is almost here, the temperatures will be much warmer and, in many cases, and depending on the year, hot. So, here is some information on the average weather figures for March, April, May and June.

Weather forecast in Barcelona for the next 7 days

Barcelona Weather

Respiratory allergies

Respiratory allergies are probably the biggest problem faced by the inhabitants of Barcelona during the spring and, consequently, also by the tourists who visit us every year during that period.

So, should you suffer from a respiratory allergy, we recommend you take a look at the city’s pollen calendar. As a spoiler, the Parietaria, Holmoak, Oak and grass are the main culprits during the spring months. With this calendar, you can be prepared.

Changing of the clocks and sunrise and sunset

On the night of the last Saturday in March, at the very beginning of spring, the clocks go forward one hour. In practical terms, this means that one more hour of daylight is gained in the course of the evening.

This fact, together with the already late sunset (compared to other cities in Europe) means it is possible to enjoy the daylight until the late afternoon. So, there is a gradual transition from a sunset on March 21, which ranges from 7.00pm to an amazing 9.28pm on 20th June (considered the last day of spring).

Sunrise in March: 21st March – 6H57h | 31st March – 7H40
Sunset in March: 21st March – 19H02 | 31st March – 20H13

Sunrise in April: 1st April – 7H39 | 30th April – 6H53
Sunset in April: 1st April – 20H14 | 30th April – 20H45

Sunrise in May: 1st May – 6H52 | 31st May – 6H22
Sunset in May: 1 May – 20H46 | 31 May – 21H16

Sunrise in June: 1st June – 6H21 | 20th June – 6H17
Sunset in June: 1st June – 21H17 | 20th June – 21H28

7. The spring months in Barcelona in more detail

Book your trip to Barcelona

It is possible that if you have come to this section, you already have your flight, train, ferry, cruise or bus booked to arrive to Barcelona. But if not, you can take a look at the best offers through the following search box(es) and/or links. The more flexible you are when choosing the days of your spring holidays in Barcelona, the more options you will have to find a better offer.

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Visit Barcelona during the rest of the seasons

logo irBarcelona

Barcelona in autumn (coming soon)

logo irBarcelona

Barcelona in winter (coming soon)

irBarcelona aims to be a useful portal for as many people as possible and, therefore, a meeting point both for those who live in Barcelona and for tourists who are deciding to visit our city. So, we have tried to make a section that covers all types of proposals so that, this way, all of you end up finding the information that interests you. So, the inhabitants of Barcelona and nearby towns will be able to inform you about special events and activities that encourage you to make the most of your leisure time.

On the other hand, for those of you who have decided to enjoy your holidays in Barcelona and who will surely also find the information about the special events and activities in spring interesting, we have also prepared other more specific information, ranging from the weather during this period to essential museums and tourist attractions, to the places that are at their best during springtime.

You will also have the possibility of booking the best accommodation and buy tickets to visit the TOP places, as well as doing the same with a selection of the best tourist cards to save money and make your trip easier.

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