Barcelona in March

Updated Feb 24 2024

There are many activities and fiestas organised in March in Barcelona, so if you happen to be visiting at this time of year, we’re sure that your stay will coincide with something that takes your fancy. It’s also possible that the Easter celebrations will take place, depending on the year, and although it might not be marked with as much enthusiasm as in other Spanish cities, it’s still likely that you’ll appreciate some of the events that are going on.

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It’s important for you to note that the clocks go forward on the night of the Saturday to Sunday of the last weekend in March (at 02:00 the clocks go forward to 03:00). So make sure you change your clocks and set your alarms accordingly if you have a visit or activity planned, or more importantly if you have a train or flight to catch.

Which fiestas, activities and events take place in Barcelona in March?

“Sorolla, A New Dimension” immersive exhibition

Sorolla A New Dimension Immersive exhibition Barcelona



Wonderful immersive exhibition about Sorolla, the Spanish painter considered the great master of light

Virtual Reality, 360º projections and digital art

Centre d’Arts Amatller (Digital Arts Amatller)

Tutankamun the Immersive Experience

IDEAL Centre d’Arts Digitals exhibition


Thematic exhibition to be confirmed

IDEAL Centre d’Arts Digitals


World of Banksy exhibition

The World of Banksy


Exhibition on the artist Banksy

Espai Trafalgar Barcelona

Sant Medir Festival in Barcelona

Sant Medir Festival

This fiesta consists of a pilgrimage (a trip to a shrine) on horseback, which is embarked upon by various “colles” (groups of people) from the areas of Gràcia and Sant Gervasi de Cassoles in Barcelona, to the hermitage of Sant Medir in the neighbouring town of Sant Cugat del Vallès, to be blessed by the Saint. Throughout the journey they throw thousands of kilos of sweets into the streets, that the children (and indeed the not so young!) fight to catch.

If you’re in the city on this day with children, you might like to head up to the Gràcia neighborhood so that your little ones can catch some of the offerings that are thrown out from the carriages, and when they have passed you can continue with your sightseeing.

More information about Sant Medir Festival

Sant Medir is celebrated on March 3rd.
Through the streets of Gràcia, Sarrià – Sant Gervasi, La Bordeta and the hermitage of Sant Medir.
Free of charge.

Handmade Festival Barcelona

Handmade Festival Barcelona

More information about Handmade Festival

March 22, 23 and 24, 2024.
Fira de Barcelona – Montjuïc.
€8 / €12.

St Patrick’s Day in Barcelona

St Patrick’s Day in Barcelona

In spite of the fact that St Patrick’s Day of course originates in Ireland, thanks to globalization and the fact that there are many Irish pubs in Barcelona, the tradition has grown annually in our city.

Many Irish pubs therefore organize all sorts of activities, and the pubs are decorated for the occasion. Since 2003 the St Patrick’s Day festival has been organised in the Pedralbes area. If you join the celebrations, don’t forget to wear something green, so that you don’t look out of place!

More information about St Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2024.
Pedralbes and various pubs throughout the city.

Festes de Sant Josep Oriol

Festes Sant Josep Oriol

Throughout the weekend that’s closest to 23rd March, the day on which the death of Sant Josep Oriol is marked, the fiestas of the Barri del Pi, in the Gothic Quarter, take place. The vast majority of celebratory events (“Ball de gegants”, “Cercaviles” and the falconry display) take place in the Plaça de Sant Josep Oriol (square) and in the Plaça del Pi (square).

More information about Festes de Sant Josep Oriol

From March 16 to 24, 2024.
The “Pi” Quarter.
Free of charge.

Easter Week in Barcelona

Easter in Barcelona

Depending on the year, Easter (called Semana Santa in Spain) falls in March or April. If your stay in Barcelona coincides with the Easter holidays we recommend that you look up how Easter is celebrated in Barcelona, and how it might affect your trip, because some of the shops and businesses close on certain days and the opening hours of some museums and churches might also be affected.

More information about Easter Week

From 28th March to 1st April 2024.

In Museu Barcelona

In Museu Barcelona

More information about In Museu Barcelona

March 2, 2024.
Various museums.
Free of charge.

The end of the Sales

sales Barcelona

Many shops and businesses keep their sales going right up until the last week of March, and it’s at this time that you might find huge discounts on last season’s clothing. It’s therefore possible that you will still arrive in time to pick yourself up a bargain.

More information about The end of the Sales

First week of March.
Shops throughout the city.

Hotels and other accommodation in March in Barcelona

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Weather and temperature in March in Barcelona

The arrival of spring around the 21st – 22nd of March is something that is quite evident in Barcelona, as at the end of March the cooler temperatures are left behind and the pleasant warmer temperatures arrive.

In spite of this, you still can’t quite rely on the weather, as especially at the beginning of the month, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, it can still get quite chilly. As a little anecdote, the city has even seen snow in March, the last example of this being the great snowfall on 8th March 2010.

Climate statistics for March

Average maximum temperature: 15.9ºC.
Average minimum temperature: 6.8ºC.
Average overall temperature: 11.5ºC.
Average rainfall: 42mm.
Sunrise: 07:26 (1st March) – 07:36 (31st March).
Sunset: 18:42 (1st March) – 20:15 (31st March).

Advice, advantages and drawbacks

We think that March is a very good month in which to visit the city, but if possible we do recommend waiting until April or May, when the temperatures rise considerably and more fiestas and interesting events take place.


A good plan: A good plan for a relaxing and fun couple of hours, which could even be quite romantic if you’re with a loved one, is to buy some takeaway food from one of the bars in El Born and wander up to the Parc de la Ciutadella for a picnic. After eating you can relax on one of the many lawns in the park, and perhaps go on a boat trip in the little lake within the park. You can of course do this at any time of year, but in March the temperatures are perfect for it, and unless you’re there on a Sunday you shouldn’t encounter too many people there.


Prices: Many hotels and apartments, as well as airlines, offer special deals through March, with the exception of course of Easter Week, when prices are always considerably higher.
The city is quieter: you will be able to wander through the city’s streets in peace and quiet, without the hustle and bustle of other months, which we think is a real joy.


Not being able to enjoy a dip in the sea: We couldn’t really find any disadvantages in visiting the city in March, but just as with the earlier months in the year, it’s unlikely that you will be able to swim in the sea next to one of Barcelona’s ten beaches, unless you are very brave indeed!

Other months of the year to visit Barcelona

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