Barcelona in February

Updated Jan 05 2024

February is one of the months in which you might think that Barcelona has little to offer, but in fact this isn’t the case. One thing that’s for sure in our city is that every month some kind of celebration, event or interesting activity takes place, which can be enjoyed by the locals as well as the many tourists who come to visit.

As well as the fixed events that take place every year around this time, there are many other initiatives and ad-hoc events (such as markets, exhibitions and displays) that will give added value to your visit if you look them up in advance.

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Fiestas, celebrations, events and activities in February

Tutankhamun the Immersive Experience

Tutankamun Barcelona the Immersive Experience

Tickets online

Immersive exhibition on the figure of the great Pharaoh Tutankhamun

IDEAL Centre d’Arts Digitals

Sorolla Barcelona exhibition

Sorolla, A New Dimension


Hypnotic immersive exhibition about the painter Sorolla, the great master of light

360º projections, virtual reality and digital art

Centre d’Arts Amatller

World of Banksy exhibition

The World of Banksy


Exhibition on the artist Banksy

Espai Trafalgar Barcelona

Santa Eulàlia Festival

Santa Eulàlia Festival

The main winter festival in Barcelona, popularly known as La Laia, takes place during the second week of February, and it lasts a few days. During the festival, around the same number of cultural activities and events are organised as during the summer festival of La Mercè.

Amongst the activities highlights include open days, on select days during the festival, of the inside of the City Hall, of the Maritime Museum and of the Pailebote Santa Eulàlia (the Santa Eulàlia sailing ship).

There are also traditional displays such as the ‘trobada de gegants’ (the meeting of the giants’ where huge papier mâché figures are displayed in the streets), cercaviles (celebratory parades through the streets), correfocs (people running through the streets dressed as devils throwing and juggling with fire), all of which are ideal entertainment for everyone, young or old.

It’s also a very interesting way for tourists to familiarise themselves with some popular Catalan traditions. If you head up to Barcelona Cathedral, you can walk through the stalls at the Santa Eulàlia handicraft fair, which are situated right in front of the cathedral.

More information about Festa de Santa Eulàlia

From February 9 to 12, 2024.
Various places in Barcelona.
Free of charge.

The Carnival in Barcelona

Barcelona Carnival

Depending on the year, the Carnival (‘El Carnaval’ in Spanish), which is celebrated just before the Christian festival of Lent (‘La Cuaresma’ in Spanish), falls in February or March. In this festival everyone dresses up as fictional or historical characters and goes out in the street in their costume.

Many bars and nightclubs organise theme nights for the Carnival, so if your visit coincides with these festivities it might be fun to buy or hire a costume and join the celebrations in one of these bars. You’ll certainly have an alternative kind of night out!

Barcelona also organises a Carnival parade, which passes through various streets throughout the city, although the most well-known carnival parade is in Sitges, rather than in Barcelona itself.

More information about The Carnival

From February 8 to 14, 2024.
Throughout the streets of Barcelona.
Free of charge.

Valentine’s Day in Barcelona

St Valentine’s Day

In Catalunya, the international celebration of St Valentine’s Day on 14th February hasn’t taken on as much as it has in the rest of Spain, so you may not even notice any celebrations taking place on this day.

The main reason that Valentine’s Day isn’t celebrated in Barcelona and the rest of the region is that they have their own celebration of the ‘Diada de Sant Jordi’, or St George’s Day, in which couples are the main focus, although everyone participates in the party in the streets.

More information about St Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2024.
There aren’t any events as such.

BCNegra Festival

BCNegra Festival

More information about BCNegra

From 5 to 11 February 2024.
Various places in the city.
Free Entry.

Vespres de la UB winter edition

Els Vespres de la UB

More information about Vespres de la UB (winter edition)

Every Friday of the month of February.
Concerts in the auditorium of the UB.
Free entry (advance reservation).

Llum BCN: Festival of Light Arts

Llum BCN: Light Arts Festival

More information about Llum BCN Festival

February 2, 3 and 4, 2024.
El Poblenou and 22@.

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Weather and temperature in February in Barcelona

Apart from a few exceptions, we should point out that February is nearly always the last cold month of the winter in Barcelona. In a few cases the temperature can reach freezing point, and in spite of the fact that it hardly ever snows in Barcelona, February is one of the months in which you might encounter a bit of snow.

Climate statistics for February

Average maximum temperature: 14.5ºC.
Average minimum temperature: 5.2ºC.
Average overall temperature: 9.9ºC.
Average rainfall: 29mm.
Sunrise: 08:03 (1st February) – 07:28 (28th-29th February).
Sunset: 18:08 (1st February) – 18:41 (28th-29th February).

Advice, advantages and drawbacks

Although you have probably already made up your mind about the pros and cons of visiting Barcelona in February having read the information above, below we have given you a few of the advantages and also the things you might find are disadvantages.


Chocolate cafés: If you need to get out of the cold, we recommend warming up by going to one of the famous chocolate cafés on Carrer Petritxol. At this time of year you’ll often find that there’s a queue to enter, especially in the afternoons, so we recommend going in the early afternoon if possible, or being prepared to wait a while, as the queue does pass quickly and we assure you that it’s worth the wait.


Snow: although it’s unlikely, if it does happen to snow during your stay in Barcelona, it is a wonderful experience to see the city’s most well known sights covered in snow. (In the very rare event of heavy snowfall, you’ll find that the city really isn’t prepared for it, and on the few occasions that it’s happened, it’s turned the city to chaos!).
Enjoy the fiestas: one of the advantages of being in Barcelona in February is being able to see the carnival and the Festes de Santa Eulàlia.
Fewer tourists: just as in the other colder months, in February relatively few tourists come to Barcelona, which means that you’ll be able to see the cultural and touristic sights in a much more relaxed way.


The cold: whilst it might seem like a paradox to include the chilly weather in the ‘disadvantages’ section as we’ve already mentioned the snow as a bonus, we should really point out that you may have a more pleasant experience seeing the city’s outdoor sights and wandering the streets in the warmer months of the year.

Other months in Barcelona

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