entertainment in Barcelona

Updated Apr 10 2024

The wealth of entertainment available to people living in Barcelona has increased and diversified substantially over the past few years. One clear example of this is the growth of the live music tradition in many of Barcelona’s bars.

On several days of the week, including on what have historically been known as ‘dull’ Mondays, concerts and activities are organized, which bring the city to life and give it a much more cosmopolitan atmosphere.

All the leisure proposals in Barcelona to enjoy the city

In addition to these many bars, the choice of entertainment in the city is much wider. There are theatres, where you can see well-known works performed at a high level, a variety of musicals and also films which range from the commercial blockbusters that are showing at every cinema, to those independent films which are often available in their original language.

There is of course a wealth of restaurants, and plenty of shops where you can buy everything you’re looking for and a lot more.

And much more leisure and entertainment still!

To all of this, we can also add the temporary exhibitions that pop up all over Barcelona, the best clubs and discos that often feature well-known DJs, intimate concert halls where some of the biggest stars of the classical and non-classical world perform, beaches where you can enjoy relaxing in the sunshine and a refreshing swim, green open areas and nearby mountains where you can escape for day trips whenever you fancy it, film festivals and, possibly best of all, a climate which is almost unbeatable.

What more could you ask for, in order to enjoy a fantastic holiday full of activities, entertainment and fun?

The Barcelona’s museums offer not only a cultural experience but also a truly engaging form of leisure, if you go to a museum that is of particular interest to you. We’re sure that whatever you are after, it will be on offer in Barcelona.

How to have fun in Barcelona during the week and at weekends

Despite the fact that in Barcelona it is possible to find a wealth of entertainment options on every day of the week, there’s no doubt that at weekends the possibilities are even greater. From Thursday to Sunday it’s really difficult to make decisions about what to do, as there’s so much on offer.

The main change at the weekend is the fact that there’s so much more to do in the evenings and at night, with many more bars opening their doors late, nightclubs and discos as well as, amongst many other things, even the possibility of going to late-night showings of all sorts of films that are, let’s say, not suitable for family viewing!

There are also many more activities for families and children on Saturdays and Sundays, when the demand for such activities is of course greater.

The best options for leisure and entertainment in Barcelona

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