Picnic in Barcelona (and Open Air Brunch)

Updated Jul 02 2023

While it is true that in Barcelona and Catalonia there is not such a big picnic culture as there may be in London or the rest of the United Kingdom. However, more and more families, groups of friends and couples who, want to spend a pleasant time and in good company, choose to organise a picnic or open air brunch in one of the parks, gardens or outdoor spaces of the city that lend themselves to it.

Whether you live in Barcelona or if you are spending a few days of holiday, having a picnic is an excellent plan that we recommend you give a go. Also, if you are travelling in Barcelona you can use it to have a little break while you discover a new place in the city.

Where can you have a Picnic or Open Air Brunch in Barcelona?

As we mentioned above the most suitable places for having a picnic in Barcelona are in parks and gardens. Having said that, not all parks, gardens and outdoor areas are suitable for a good picnic, at least not all have the same characteristics.

For this reason we suggest you evaluate the type of garden (if you can sit quietly in an area with no slope and no plants or flowers that may “suffer” the consequences of someone who sits or lies on them), whether or not they have a shaded area so you can protect yourself from the sun (essential if the sun is quite strong at certain times of the day) or to take a small nap at the end of the picnic, as well as any other characteristic of its appearance and environment that may influence your picnic in one way or another.

Must-have items to prepare the perfect picnic or open air brunch

Sometimes, while you are getting things ready for a picnic or open air Brunch, it may be that you end up leaving something behind and you don’t realise it until you start eating. That’s why, before leaving home, it is important to check everything well and make sure that you have all the essentials for a picnic.

Depending on the type of food and food you plan on eating, you will need more or less things. Here you will find what, from our point of view and experience, you cannot forget.

Food (according to your preferences)
Drink (according to your preferences)
Cups (if necessary)
Plates (if necessary)
Cutlery (if necessary)
Bags (to carry things and for rubbish)

Ideal parks and gardens to organise a Picnic

How about Picnic! Picnic! organising your picnic for you?

Yes, Miguel and Sofía, two young ideological entrepreneurs of Picnic! Picnic!, thought that it would be a good idea to organise picnics for anyone wanting to enjoy an original, fun and alternative plan with friends, family and, of course, a romantic picnic with your partner, without having to worry too much about how to prepare and organise it.

This way you won’t have to spend time buying the food and drinks, or having to think of other things like the type of glasses, plates or cutlery, or the forks to take with you.

Depending on the type of picnic that you want to have, as well as the amount you want to spend, you will have the chance to pick the picnic that best suits your interests. The cheapest option is €6 per person, which is very affordable, taking into account how convenient and professional it is.

Other outdoor places in Barcelona where you can have a picnic or open air brunch

To keep in mind

Although the goal of having a picnic is to have fun while enjoying the food and good company, this is not inconsistent with the fact that, both during the course of the picnic and after its completion, there are a number of things to keep in mind. That is why irBarcelona recommends you to:

Respect the environment
Pick up all waste
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