1 star hotels Barcelona

Updated Jun 19 2020

Map with 1 star hotels in Barcelona

If you’d like to find accommodation at a good price in Barcelona, a good option would be to stay in one of the many 1 star hotels that the city has to offer. In booking a 1 star hotel in Barcelona you should keep in mind that you will find few luxuries, but that’s not to say that the hotel wouldn’t be clean, as in the vast majority of cases 1 star hotels provide perfectly adequate conditions.

Location of the 1 star hotels

Many of these hotels can be found in the centre of Barcelona, in the Ciutat Vella, which incorporates the areas of Gothic Quarter, La Barceloneta, Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i La Ribera, and El Raval.

The best recommended 1 star hotels in Barcelona

We have listed a selection of the some of the best 1 star hotels in Barcelona, but if you would prefer, you can use the search tool below to find a more extensive list of the hotels that are available for the dates of your stay.