4 star hotels Barcelona

Updated Mar 16 2024

Search and book the best 4-star hotels in Barcelona


The majority of Barcelona’s 4 star hotels offer practically the same facilities as 5 star hotels at a much lower price, which means that they are ideal for anyone who would like to stay in a little more luxury than that offered by the lower-rated hotels, but without the high cost of a 5 star hotel.

Comforts of a 4 star hotel in Barcelona

Some of the amenities you might find in a 4 star hotel will include breakfast of a greater variety and better quality than that in hotels of a lower star-rating, a selection of toiletries in the bathroom, a gym, and a lounge area in which you can relax after a long day sightseeing in the city, as well as, in the majority of cases, a terrace where you can enjoy a drink away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

Many of Barcelona’s 4 star hotels are in the heart of the city centre, whereas others are in slightly quieter areas. These hotels tend to be very well-connected by the Metro, bus or tram, and they are often an excellent option for your stay in Barcelona, as the price is usually lower than that of another similar hotel in the city centre.

The best recommended 4 star hotels in Barcelona

The search tool that we have included in this section will enable you to compare all the 4 star hotels that are most suited to your requirements. Also, in order to help you in your search, we have listed some of the best, which, for us and according to the reviews of previous guests, would be an excellent choice when it comes to choosing somewhere to stay in Barcelona.

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