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The summer months in Barcelona, as happens in any city that has the immense fortune of the sea washing up on part of its borders, as well as rays of sunshine providing nice and warm temperatures, are filled with endless plans and proposals of all kinds, both focused on local culture and leisure, and on tourists who visit us.

Magic nights at Casa Batlló

Noches Mágicas Casa Batlló

Visit to Casa Batlló + live concert + gift

A dream night at Gaudí’s Casa Batlló

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For this reason, this section about Barcelona is designed so that all of you who access it can find information of interest, both tourists who visit us for a few days on holiday and Barcelona locals who want to make the most of your summer days in the city to do anything but get bored.

The charms of Barcelona during the summer months

So, those of you who live in Barcelona will find activities and events typical of this time of the year (local festivals, culinary offerings, concerts, etc.) and those of you who intend to spend the summer in our city will find everything you need to organise your trip.

How to book your accommodation, the best tourist cards to save money and/or make your stay go smoothly, the essential places you cannot miss, what the weather is like, the characteristics, advantages and some disadvantages of summer in Barcelona, etc.

1. What places to see and visit in Barcelona during this summer?

The top attractions in Barcelona you cannot miss

Barcelona Picasso Museum tickets

Picasso Museum Barcelona


Museum dedicated to a unique artist


tickets Camp Nou Experience

Camp Nou Experience


Visit the museum and stadium of F.C. Barcelona (skip the line)


The tourist attractions we have included featured above, are the most important in the city, and, certainly, the ones you cannot miss. That is why, and as summer is peak season in Barcelona, you must buy the tickets online in advance.

This way you will guarantee their availability and you will save yourself from the pesky queues that form at the ticket offices.

The best tourist cards for visiting Barcelona

Barcelona Pass for your summer holidays

Barcelona Pass

PARK GÜELL fast track
10% discount on other attractions
buy Barcelona Card

Barcelona Card


Entry included to various museums and tourist attractions + public transport included + travel from/to the airport (metro, public bus or cercanías train) + discounts at many places of interest

-10% online

Barcelona Turisme

Barcelona Pass

Barcelona Card + The Gaudí Bundle


Barcelona Card + Sagrada Familia + Park Güell


Hola Barcelona Travel Card

Hola Barcelona Travel Card


Unlimited travel on public transport in Barcelona

48H | 72H | 96H | 120H


purchase ArticketBCN pasaporte

ArticketBCN Passport


Entry to the most important art museums in Barcelona
Joan Miró Foundation + Picasso Museum + Tàpies Foundation + CCCB + MACBA

Save and avoid the long queue at the ticket offices

Barcelona Turisme

Obviously, Barcelona has much more tourist attractions that, depending on your interests and priorities, can be equally, or even more interesting than the ones we have shown you. That is why we encourage you to take a look at all of them by clicking on the first section shown up.

If, on the other hand, you click on the second section, you will be able to view all the tourist cards for Barcelona. To make your “job” easier, just below these sections we show you the 4 best and most useful tourist cards.

2. Perfect plans for the summer holidays in Barcelona

Summer in Barcelona is synonymous with good weather and this encourages all kinds of activities and events, with a special mention to those held outdoors. So, beaches, beach bars, terraces and concerts are some of the leisure proposals that are often on the summer agenda in Barcelona.

Swimming in one of Barcelona’s beaches

Barcelona’s beaches

As might be expected, one of the top proposals for the summer in Barcelona and surely the least original of all that we will suggest, is to enjoy a swim in one of the beaches along its coastline.

So, you can choose one of the four most centrally located beaches next to the Barceloneta neighbourhood (Sant Sebastià Beach, Sant Miquel Beach, Barceloneta Beach and Somorrostro Beach) or swim in one of the other beaches and a little farther from the city centre.

As the beach you are going to is farther from the centre, you will find more local swimmers and fewer tourists. There will definitely be fewer crowds of people, but there will always be a fair few, especially from 10.00am to 6.00pm.

Despite this, the summer season is much more than this. Art and culture also find their space, which together with walks through parks, gardens and other iconic places in the city, complement a wide and interesting range of summer options.

The best (outdoor) swimming pools in Barcelona

The city of Barcelona has several swimming pools that, together with the beach, are the ideal option to counteract the high temperatures and spend a day of fun with family, friends or partner.

Unlike the beach, to access the swimming pools you have to pay. Even so, many people choose to go to the swimming pool and not to the beach, at least once in a while.

In addition, in many cases several additional services are offered that make going to the pool a more complete experience. If you want to know the best swimming pools in Barcelona, we encourage you to take a look at the specific article we have prepared.

Summer nights in Barcelona

Magic Nights at Casa Batlló

Enjoy the The “Magic Nights” at Casa Batlló

Not available

 open air cinema in Barcelona

See a film at night and in the open air

Surely you will not be surprised if we tell you that during the summer the nightlife in Barcelona is much livelier (a good example of this are the amazing activities shown above). This is yet another reason why so many tourists decide to visit us at this time of the year.

As far as nightlife is concerned, the clubs located at the foot of Somorrostro beach, next to La Barceloneta, are surely some of the most popular. But Barcelona nightlife is much more.

Among many other things we encourage you to enjoy the great atmosphere on a terrace of a bar or hotel, to go to an open air concert, free and paying musical festivals, take part in the various activities of the festivals of some neighbourhoods in the city. Among those that deserve a special mention are those of Gràcia and Sants. Or, simply stroll through the historic centre of the city, we recommend the narrow streets of Born, a few steps from the Santa Maria del Mar Basilica and the squares and streets of the Gothic Quarter.

3. Book your hotel or apartment in Barcelona during the summer

Thanks to the search tool we offer, you can find the best accommodation for your summer stay in Barcelona. Hotels, tourist apartments, hostels…located in the historic centre, in the modernist district of l’Eixample, close to the beach…whatever accommodation you are looking for, you are sure to find it. You can also narrow your search down according to many other preferences.


4. What are the best summer events in Barcelona?

The Festival of Sant Joan

San Juan Night Festival

23 | 24 June 2024

23 | 24 June 2025

Barcelona Grec Festival

Festival Grec

2024: June – August

2025: June – August

Fiesta Mayor Casc Antic Barcelona

The Historic Centre’s Local Festival

2024: around June 29

2025: around June 29

Jardins Pedralbes Festival

Jardins Pedralbes Festival

2024: to be confirmed

2025: to be confirmed

Sala Montjuïc

Sala Montjuïc

2024: end of June – beginning of August

2025: end of June – beginning of August

Cruïlla Festival

Festival Cruïlla

2024: from July 10 to 13

2025: a weekend in July

El Raval Local Festival

El Raval’s Local Festival

2024: weekend before July 16

2025: weekend before July 16

Poble Sec Local Festival

Poble Sec’s Local Festival

2024: the second half of July

2025: the second half of July

Cinema Lliure a la Platja

Cinema on the beach

2024: June – August

2025: June – August

Cap Roig Festival

Festival de Cap Roig

2024: July – August

2025: July – August

Gràcia Local Festival

Gràcia Local Festival

2024: around August 15

2025: around August 15

Festa Major de Sants

Sants Local Festival

2024: around the 3rd week of August

2025: around the 3rd week of August

Circuit Festival

Circuit Festival

2024: from August 5 to 13

2025: 1 week of August

Fiestas de Sant Roc

Festes de Sant Roc

2024: to be confirmed

2025: to be confirmed

Gay Pride Barcelona

Gay Pride Barcelona

2024: a weekend in July

2025: a weekend in July

5. The best getaways from Barcelona in summer

Illa Fantasia Water Park

Illa Fantasia


A water park a few km from Barcelona




A coastal town in the province of Barcelona and best gay friendly town

logo irBarcelona

Calella de Palafrugell


A fishing village and one of the most beautiful in Girona

Caribe Aquatic Park

Caribe Aquatic Park


The Port Aventura World water park

logo irBarcelona

Tossa de Mar


One of the most beautiful coastal towns with a castle on the beach

logo irBarcelona



Surely one of the 3 coastal towns of the Costa Brava with the greatest charm

Summer is an ideal time to visit some of the coastal towns in the province of Barcelona. Often a day trip is enough, as these towns are usually a few kilometres from Barcelona and can be reached by train or bus.

If, on the other hand, you want to discover some of the most charming villages that cover the coasts of Girona, known as Costa Brava, or Tarragona, called Costa del Sol, you can also do it in one day and there are even semi-organised trips that depart from Barcelona.

But if you able to reserve two days of the trip for it, even better. Another excellent option for a summer getaway from Barcelona is to spend the day in one of the water parks located in some towns near Barcelona.

Hiring a car in Barcelona

Rental Cars Barcelona

6. What is summer like in Barcelona? Advantages and disadvantages


Beaches: Can enjoy a good swim in one of the many beaches spread across the Barcelona coast.
Refreshing drinks: Enjoy with even greater pleasure a traditional refreshing drink (sangría, clara, horchata…) on the terrace of some of the beach bars.
Charming coastal towns: Getting away for one or even two days to some of the wonderful coastal towns in the province of Barcelona (Sitges, Canet de Mar, Sant Pol de Mar…), Tarragona (L’Ametlla de Mar, Les cases d’Alcanar, Altafulla…) or Girona (Calella de Palafrugell, Tossa de Mar, Cadaqués…) is, without a doubt, one of the greatest attractions at this time of the year.
Outdoor activities: The many, different outdoor activities, both during the day and at night, are one of the charms that Barcelona offers in summer and, therefore, manage to attract the attention of both the locals and its many visitors.

Small Disadvantages

Price of accommodation: As usual, the higher the demand, the higher the price. And in Barcelona, the summer is peak season, especially during the month of August and specifically mid-August. That is why the price of accommodation (hotels, tourist apartments, hostels…) increases considerably during this period.
Many visitors: Yes, we are not going to lie to you, in summer there are many tourists in the city, and almost all in the same areas and visiting the same places. This can be inconvenient for all those who prefer a quieter holiday. In this case, we advise you to visit Barcelona another time of the year.
High temperatures: In reality, the hot temperatures are an advantage, as they allow you to enjoy the city in a different way (swimming on the beaches, experience a livelier nightlife, attend the many events and organised activities, etc.). However, on certain days, especially during the middle of the day, and if you intend to walk around the city, it can be a small disadvantage, at least for people who cannot tolerate hot temperatures well or are not accustomed.

Sugerencias y consejos

Book in advance: Although at various times of the year it can be useful to wait until the last moment to book, whether for the flight or accommodation, during the summer period this is not the case. The high demand makes it (almost) impossible to find an interesting last minute price and you run the risk of running out of flights or available accommodation or these become very expensive. For this reason, we encourage you to book your trip to Barcelona well in advance, which will help you save a lot of money.
Buy tickets online and in plenty of time: During the summer the tourist attractions are filled with thousands of tourists, so it is no longer recommended but rather essential to book tickets online in advance and, in addition, to do so several days in advance. This way, you will avoid the disappointment of there being no tickets left and you will save yourself the long queues at the ticket offices under temperatures that are not very pleasant.
Hydration: During the hottest days, it is important that you stay hydrated. It is advisable to carry a small bottle of water during your walks and, when you want to rest, do it sitting at a bar while you refresh yourself with a cold drink.
Keep cool: Another way to fight against the high temperatures on the hottest days, especially during the middle of the day, is to choose to visit a museum, take the opportunity to relax in your accommodation or at a bar or, why not, enjoy some shopping in a shopping centre.

7. What is the weather like in Barcelona during the summer? Information and weather forecast

The hot summer temperatures in Barcelona reach their peak during the middle of the day (from 12.00pm to 4.00pm). It is undoubtedly the worst time to move around the city on foot, so it may be a good idea to use this time to eat, go to the beach, rest or visit a museum.

MonthTemp. Max. ºCTemp. Med. ºCTemp. Min. ºCDays of rain

Early in the morning and at night the temperature is milder, although there are days where the heat still feels very intense. During the summer months it doesn’t usually rain, but it is possible that there is a storm, being more likely from the second week of August.

Forecast for the next 7 days in Barcelona


Time of sunrise and sunset

Although it is precisely at the end of June, with the summer just beginning, when the number of hours of light in Barcelona reaches its peak and the sunset is at its latest hour, during the rest of the summer months we cannot complain in this sense either. And it is that, the worst figure in this aspect is the one that is recorded on the last day of the summer, 21st September, when 12 hours and 20 minutes of sunshine are counted, and the sunset takes place at 7.55pm.

Sunrise in June: 21st June – 6:17h | 30th June – 6:20h
Sunset in June: 21st June – 21:28h | 30th June – 21:29h

Sunrise in July: 1st July – 6:20h | 31st July – 6:43h
Sunset in July: 1st July – 21:29h | 31st July – 21:12h

Sunrise in August: 1st August – 6:44h | 31st August – 7:14h
Sunset in August: 1st August – 21:11h | 31st August – 20:32h

Sunrise in September: 1st September – 7:15h | 31st September – 7:35h
Sunset in September: 1st September – 20:28h | 21st September – 19:55h

8. The summer months in Barcelona in more detail

Book your trip to Barcelona

If you have not yet booked your plane, train, bus, ferry or cruise for your trip to Barcelona, below you will find a selection of our best partners. Thanks to them you will be able to find a great number of options as well as book the best price and with the best guarantees for your trip to Barcelona.

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Visit Barcelona during the rest of the seasons

logo irBarcelona

Autumn holidays in Barcelona (coming soon)

logo irBarcelona

Winter holidays in barcelona (coming soon)

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