2 star hotels in Barcelona

Updated Mar 14 2024

Search and book the best 2-star hotels in Barcelona


If you’d would like to find reasonably priced accommodation in Barcelona whilst having a few extra comforts, a 2 star hotel might be a good option for you. 2 star hotels offer a bit more than 1 star hotels, which many people appreciate.

Location of the 2 star hotels in Barcelona

Although you will find 2 star hotels spread across the entire city, they are usually in central locations, making them ideally situated for tourists who would like to stay as close as possible to the main tourist attractions and sights.

The most common advantages that many of them offer are facilities such as a private bathroom, at least in some rooms, some offer breakfast included in the price, a restaurant within the hotel, or perhaps a safe within the room or at reception where you can leave your valuables.

The best recommended 2 star hotels in Barcelona

So that you can choose from some of the best 2 star hotels we have made included a list of a few. If you would rather search from a more extensive list of hotels that are available for your holiday, you can use the search tool at that we have provided below, so that you can enter the dates of your stay and compare availability and prices.

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