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Updated Jul 02 2023

Tibidabo mountain or Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona, also known as the magic mountain, is located in Collserola Natural Park. Together with Montjuïc it makes up one of the two iconic mountains of Barcelona’s skyline, but Tibidabo is by far the highest point in the city at 515 metres high.

Brief history about the Tibidabo mountain

In 1886, a small neo-gothic chapel was built on Tibidabo, but it wasn’t until 1889 with the founding of El Tibidabo Public Limited Company, promoted by the real estate developer Salvador Andreu i Grau, that the Tibidabo mountain began to be developed on. The road, an attractions park, a funicular and a tram were constructed first, which made it possible to access the mountain’s summit quickly and easily.

Why the name “Tibidabo”?

Although the origin of the name Tibidabo is not entirely known, many sources indicate that it refers to the Latin “Tibi dabo”, which means “I will give to you”. These words are found in verses in the Latin Vulgate Bible and was said to Jesus by the devil whilst they looked out over the world as a symbol of everything he could offer him.

The huge success of the park and the newly built transportation routes were the key to bringing locals closer to the isolated mount of Tibidabo. Bit by bit, they developed the lower part of the mountain as planned by the Tibidabo Public Limited Company and the area started to come to life.

What to see at Mount Tibidabo?

You can find many different places of interest at Tibidabo mountain. The two most famous being the amusement park and the Tibidabo temple but you can also see the Fabra Observatory, an amazing astronomical observatory at 415 metres above sea level, and the Torre de Collserola, a telecommunications tower designed by the architect Norman Foster, both of which you can visit.

There are also a number of different activities, such as cycling and some walking routes, where you can fully enjoy all the delights the mountain has to offer.

Tibidabo viewpoints
Tibidabo viewpoint

Many corners of Tibidabo Mountain allow you to see some amazing views of the lower part of the mountain as well as the whole city of Barcelona. Even so, the most spectacular viewing points at Tibidabo are two points. The highest point of the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cord de Jesús), the highest point of the mountain and offers a panoramic view of the whole city.

And the viewing point located at the Collserola Tower which you can access by lift. Other viewpoints can be found along the different roads in the mountain (Carretera de Vallvidrera, Passeig de les Aigües, Carretera de Sant Cugat, etc.)

Trips around Tibidabo and La Serra de Collserola
trips aroound Serra de Collserola

Tibidabo, as well as the Serra de Collserola Natural Park, is ideal for any type of trip, be it on bike or foot, to discover the flora and fauna of the area. To get information on the routes available around the Serra de Collserola Natural Park, as well as different information points located around the park, we recommend you visit the official website parcnaturalcollserola.cat.

Interesting sights to see at the foot of Tibidabo

As well as the amusement park and chapel on Tibidabo mountain, there are other interesting tourist and cultural sights at the foot of the mountain that are also worth a visit. Here we highlight some of these places we recommend you to also visit.

CosmoCaixa Barcelona

CosmoCaixa Barcelona



A walk through Vallvidrera
modernist building Vallvidrera

Previously a separate village to Barcelona, Vallvidrera is now a neighbourhood located on the outskirts of Barcelona. It is the starting point for various walking routes around Collserola Natural Park, which is why there is an information point here. If you decide to go on a walk we recommend you also explore the neighbourhood itself, as you can see many beautiful modernist buildings there.

Routes around Tibidabo

Would you like to discover more of Tibidabo but are afraid of getting lost or of not finding the places you wanted to see and visit? If so, irBarcelona offers you the chance to go on a route accompanied by one of the official tour guides of Barcelona and Catalonia who partner with us. This allows you to spend a great day getting to know the history of the mount.

Map and how to get to Tibidabo mountain

There are different ways to get to the top of the Tibidabo mountain, via your own transport (car or motorbike), or bus, using the Tibidabo Funicular or even by foot.

It is also possible to get to different parts of the mountain, so here we shall outline all the different ways to get there including their advantages and disadvantages.

Private vehicle
Whether you are visiting the summit of Tibidabo (as well as the amusement park), or other areas of the mount, there are many car parks where you can park your car or motorbike.

Advantages: Easy to come and go as you please in your car or motorbike.

Disadvantages: The cost of parking a car at the amusement park (by motorbike it is possible to find free parking). If you go to another part of the mountain it is possible to park the car for free or cheaply.

Tibibús Bus
At €2.95 for a single ticket, Tibibús is the bus that takes you to the Tibidabo amusement park (you don’t have to buy a ticket to the park to be able to go on the Tibibús) and it leaves you right at the entrance to the amusement park and the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Tibibús bus stops

Line T2A (going there): Plaça Catalunya – Centre d’Acollida d’animals (Animal shelter) – Tibidabo
Line T2A (coming back): Tibidabo – Plaça Catalunya
Line T2B (going there): Sant Genís – Vall d’Hebrón – Tibidabo
Line T2B (coming back): Tibidabo – Vall d’Hebron – Sant Genís

Advantages: Possible to catch the bus from Barcelona centre (Plaça Catalunya) and is a direct service to get to the top of Tibidabo.

Disadvantages: If you aren’t going to the top of Tibidabo, the Tibibús is not for you.

Tibidabo Funicular
Tibidabo Funicular allows you to reach the top of the mountain quickly and directly. To get the funicular you have to go to the square called Dr. Andreu (either via the Tramvia Blau or bus no. 196). The stop is just a few steps away from the amusement park and the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. + info Funicular Tibidabo

Advantages: Quick and fun journey.

Disadvantages: It is quite expensive and you can only go to the top of the mountain, so if you want to visit a different area of Tibidabo it won’t be much use.

By foot
There are an infinite number of available routes around Tibidabo and the rest of the Collserola Natural Park. In terms of walking routes you should go from one point to another, from some of the neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Barcelona (Vallvidrera, Roquetes or Les Planes) or from some neighbouring towns (Sant Cugat or Cerdanyola).

Advantages: Do a bit of exercise and discover some of the best hidden corners of the area whilst learning about the flora and fauna of the Collserola Natural Park, as well as seeing some spectacular views from the many viewpoints.

Disadvantages: This is not a disadvantage, but more of a recommendation. When going on a route make sure you know how difficult the route is and to go properly equipped and prepared.

Bus 111

Bus no. 111 goes up to Tibidabo mountain, from the mountain summit and the higher part of Vallvidrera.

Where to sleep? Hotels, apartments and other accommodations in Tibidabo

The only accommodation on the actual mountain is Gran Hotel La Florida, a luxurious hotel that offers its guests incredible views of Barcelona city and a relaxing stay thanks to its unique position and exclusive services.

The other accommodation we recommend here is found close to Tibidabo, and is ideal if you want to spend a relaxing holiday in Barcelona enjoying the attractions and activities on Mount Tibidabo and the rest of Collserola area. All of this minutes away from the city centre via public transport.

Bars, restaurants and nightlife

Depending on what you have planned you can choose from many different restaurants. If you are going to spend the day at the amusement park you can buy something to eat in the park itself (fast food, mostly sandwiches) or eat at the Masia Restaurant Tibidabo, located next to the entrance.

If you want to save money, the best option is to take a sandwich with you or prepare something beforehand to eat it at one of the picnic tables available around the park (some of these tables are in the public areas so you can also use them if you haven’t got a ticket to the park).

Recommended bars and restaurants

Here we recommend 4 bars and restaurants, each one different and offering a varied menu, so you can enjoy a good meal no matter where you are on Tibidabo mountain or the rest of Collserola.

Casa Trampa Restaurant
Homemade food with the highest quality ingredients. Also makes some great sandwiches.
Plaça (square) de Vallvidrera, 3.
Excellent quality food in this restaurant with excellent views of the city located at the foot of Tibidabo.
Plaça (square) del Dr. Andreu.
La Venta Restaurant
High quality menu at the foot of Tibidabo, next to the Funicular stop.
Plaça (square) del Dr. Andreu.
Can Cortés Restaurant
Restaurant specialising in modern and high quality Catalan cuisine.
Av. de Can Cortés, 36 (Serra de Collserola – Sant Cugat del Vallès).

If you are going on a hike we recommend you to take a rest here whilst tasting some Catalan delights in some of the bars and restaurants at Serra de Collserola or you can also take some sandwiches with you and stop along the way for a picnic.

Recommended nightlife venues

In the lower part of Tibidabo there is a club and different nightlife venues offering great options for anyone looking for a fun night out. These venues are usually very busy during the weekend.

Atlantic Barcelona
Av. Tibidabo, 56.
Cocktail Bar.
Plaça del Dr. Andreu, 2.
Bar and music venue.
Plaça del Dr. Andreu, s/n.
Cocktail Bar and music venue.
C/ Manuel Arnús, 2.

Other districts and areas of Barcelona

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