Tibidabo Funicular

Updated Aug 28 2023

Just like the Tramvia Blau, the Tibidabo Funicular was opened over 100 years ago, in 1901, and was designed by the engineer Bonaventura Roig.

It was the first funicular to be constructed in Spain, and it has only been renovated twice, the latest of which was in 1958 so its exterior does therefore appear rather shabby and run-down, perhaps in need of a new makeover. For some years the funicular has been known by the name Cuca de Llum (Firefly).

Tickets for the Tibidabo Funicular and the Amusement Park

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Tibidabo Funicular and the Amusement Park


Includes the trip (round trip) on the Tibidabo funicular (Cuca de Llum)

Includes access to all the attractions of Tibidabo Amusement Park

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All you need to know about the Funicular del Tibidabo (Firefly)

The Firefly funicular will take you on a journey of 1102 metres, in a straight line and climbing a hill which has a gradient of over 25%, taking you up to the top of Tibidabo mountain, at an altitude of 512 metres, in just a few minutes. But… what will we actually find when you get to the top of Tibidabo?

Tibidabo Funicular

As well as some fantastic views of Barcelona, you’ll find two very interesting and diverse sights – the Tibidabo’s Theme Park and the Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor de Jesús, the huge church that crowns Tibidabo mountain. Both of these are popular with Barcelona’s locals and tourists alike.

Located a bit further down, and close to each other, you’ll find two other places of interest, the Observatori Fabra (The Fabra Observatory), which organises guided tours, and the Torre de Collserola, a tower that you can go up, thanks to its lift, and from which you’ll see some spectacular views.

Prices and timetable


The ticket price for the Tibidabo Funicular varies according to whether you buy a ticket for the Theme Park at the same time or not, and it will work out cheaper if you buy the two together.

If you buy a ticket for the Theme Park: free access.
Without buying a ticket for the Theme Park: €12.


The Firefly Funicular starts running 15 minutes before the Theme Park’s ride known as ‘Camí del Cel’ opens, and stops running 15 minutes after the same ride closes, with the timetable changing according to the time of year.

From March to December: the Firefly Funicular operates every day.
February: the Firefly Funicular only runs at weekends.
January: the Firefly Funicular is closed (as is the Tibidabo Theme Park).
Other days on which the Firefly Funicular is closed: 25th, 26th and 31st December.

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How to get to the Tibidabo Temple

The Tibidabo Funicular goes from the Plaça del Dr. Andreu, and to get there by public transport the best option is to catch the 196 Bus (or the Tramvia Blau which is more expensive) from the Avinguda Tibidabo stop of Line 7 of the FGC. Alternatively you can walk up to the Firefly Funicular, which should take you a little over half an hour.

Journey map

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