Sunday on Barcelona

Updated Apr 04 2024

If you’re asking yourselves “what can we do in Barcelona on Sundays?”, fortunately the answer is “a huge variety of things”. With the arrival of the weekend, and particularly Sundays, the amount of leisure, cultural and gastronomic activities on offer in the city increases greatly. Thanks to this great variety of activities on offer, you will also find that there are plenty of things that you can do free of charge.

Plan for an unforgettable Sunday in Barcelona

Mossen Costa i Llobera gardens + Aeri del Port cable car + seafront

Aeri del Port views

Visiting the charming gardens of Mossen Costa i Llobera, enjoying the excellent views of the Barcelona coastline from the Aeri del Port cable car and strolling along the Barcelona seafront. This is our suggested plan to enjoy a special Sunday in Barcelona.

We think that if you look up information about opening hours of shops, the events and activities that are usually organized, the setting up of the various market stalls and the possibility of visiting certain museums free of charge, this will mean that you’ll make the most of your Sunday in Barcelona much more.

As this information is different on Sundays than throughout the week, it’s important to check in advance to avoid disappointment. Therefore, in this part of the irBarcelona website we have drawn up a list of all the activities and information that we think is the most interesting, in the hope that it will help you to find a plan to suit you, in order to enjoy the best Sunday that Barcelona has to offer.

The museums in Barcelona to visit on Sunday

Barcelona Museums on Sunday

Tutankamun the Immersive Experience

Tutankamun the Immersive Experience

Enjoy a fantastic immersive experience with this exhibition about Tutankhamun, the famous pharaoh of ancient Egypt

Although we’re mindful of the fact that visiting a museum is one of the most popular and least original options, we think it’s one of the best plans for a Sunday. By going on a Sunday you can go to some of the most famous museums in the city, taking advantage of seeing a new temporary exhibition, or alternatively, something that we particularly recommend is to discover one of the lesser-known museums in Barcelona, which you will probably find will contain some hidden “treasures”.

Museums that are free of charge on Sunday afternoons

Quite a few of Barcelona’s museums can be accessed free of charge on Sunday afternoons. In the list above you’ll find them marked in blue. Also, if you click on the “all Barcelona’s museums” link above, you’ll be able to find out more information about the entry price of those museums that charge an entry fee, as well as about the rest of the museums that we haven’t included in this section.

Free of charge from 15:00.
Shown above in blue

2. Sunday Markets, market stalls and fairs in Barcelona

sunday market stalls and fairs

Many of Barcelona’s market stalls and fairs aren’t set up on a specific date or in a particular fixed place, or even at a specific time of year, but some do have a regular schedule or fixed date. Below you’ll find detailed information (characteristics, place, dates and opening hours) of the most interesting market stalls and fairs that are set up on Sundays. From gastronomic fairs and market stalls to those specialising in gifts, crafts, accessories, you’ll find something for everyone.

Some of the market stalls and fairs that take place on Sundays

Palo Alto Market
c/ (street) dels Pellaires, 30.
A bit of everything.
1st weekend of the month.
From 11:00 to 22:00.
+ info.
Sant Antoni Sunday Market
c/ (street) Comte d’Urgell, 1.
Collectors’ items and culture.
From 8:30 to 14:30.
Free of charge.
+ info.
Nova Artesania Fair
La Rambla (street), 1.
Handmade articles.
Saturdays and Sundays.
14:00 – 22:00 (Saturdays) / 12:00 – 22:00 (Sundays).
Free of charge.
+ info.
Sant Agustí Vell Craft Fair
pl. (square) Sant Agustí Vell.
Hand made articles.
From 10:30 to 15:00.
Free of charge.
Pi Artisan Fair
pl. (square) del Pi.
Home made food.
(nearly every) Saturday and Sunday.
From 10:00 to 21:00.
Free of charge.
+ info.
Coins and Stamps Market
pl. (square) Reial, s/n.
Collectors’ coins and stamps.
From 10:00 to 14:30.
Free of charge.
Brocanters Fair
Moll Drassanes (Dock).
Flea market.
Saturday and Sunday.
From 11:00 to 21:00.
Free of charge.
Natural Products Fair
pl. (square) Sagrada Familia.
Natural products.
1st and 3rd Sunday of the month (except in July and August).
From 10:00 to 15:00.
Free of charge.
Artisan Fair Moll del Dipòsit
Moll del Dipòsit (dock).
Handmade products.
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
From 11:00 to 20:30.
Free of charge.
Massades Market
pl. (square) Assemblea Catalunya.
Models and model making.
1st Sunday of the month (except in August).
From 10:00 to 14:00.
Free of charge.
+ info.
Artesans de la Terra Fair
pl. (square) de la Concòrdia.
Local products and gastronomy.
3rd Sunday of the month.
From 11:00 to 20:00.
Free of charge.

And what if we’d like to go shopping?

Until a few years ago, Sundays and public holidays in Barcelona were synonymous with the shops being closed (except at certain times of the year). This has recently changed quite a lot, although the opening hours on public holidays aren’t fixed, and will vary according to the area and also depending on the shops, as to whether they decide to open or not.

map stores open Barcelona
Image copyright of

Since April 2016 and during certain periods of the year (2024: Sundays from May 15 to September 15 in addition to May 20, June 24, August 15 and September 11) the shops located in the area defined as the “tourist zone” have been allowed to open on Sundays between 12:00 and 20:00. You’ll find that it’s predominantly the businesses located in the Old Town (Gothic Quarter, El Born – La Ribera, El Raval and La Barceloneta) which are more likely to be open on Sundays. Also, throughout the year there are various Sundays and public holidays on which all the shops in the city are allowed to open (2024: January 7, October 12 and 20, November 1 and December 6, 8, 15, 22 and 29). Of all these Sundays and public holidays, you’ll find that it’s on the ones that fall closest to Christmas that more shops are open.

3. Sunday walk or bike ride in Barcelona

Barcelona bike tour

If your Sunday in Barcelona doesn’t fall on a rainy day, it’ll be a excellent day to discover the city, whether on foot or by bike, because a Sunday walk or bike ride will allow you to discover the charms of the city’s squares or corners, take a look at one of the modernist building façades that doesn’t appear in the guide books or even come across a nice bar in which you end up having a drink. We also think that going for a quiet walk or renting a bike before or after a visit to a museum is the perfect plan for a Sunday in Barcelona.

Plans and other ideas especially for sundays

As well as the suggestions and activities that are specific to Sundays, there are many leisure, cultural and tourist activities that you can do on any day of the year, but they are ideal for a Sunday in the city or in the surrounding areas, whether you’re with friends, with family and children or with a loved one.

We’ve therefore given you a list of general activities and events, as well as the ones that are specific to Sundays, which should be very useful to anyone who asks “what can we do in Barcelona on Sundays?”.

And what about a guided tour of Barcelona?

Many companies organise guided tours of the city on Saturdays and Sundays, and these tours have become some of the most popular activities in Barcelona over the past few years, both for tourists and even for people who live there.

You’ll be able to book onto general tours of various areas of the Old Town, as well as seeing other areas and going on all sorts of themed tours.

4. Activities for enjoying an alternative Sunday

Barcelona Sunday activities

If you’re interested in doing something a little different to the usual tourist activities that are on offer on Sundays, below we have given you a few suggestions. You’ll find a bit of everything, from visiting an air raid shelter or going inside two of Barcelona’s most fascinating historical buildings, the Palau de la Generalitat and the City Hall, to having a relaxing afternoon chatting with friends in the terrace of one of Barcelona’s most glamorous hotels. And it goes without saying that you can fit plenty in to a Sunday, so we recommend combining any of these suggestions.

5. Tourist activities in Barcelona

Sunday tourist activities Barcelona

Of course nearly all the plans and activities that we’ve given you are also perfect for people who live in Barcelona. However, as we appreciate that the vast majority of those of you who are reading this section are on holiday in Barcelona, and you’ll therefore only be in the city for a few days, we’ve therefore selected some of the most unmissable tourist activities which are ideal for Sundays. As it is an extremely popular event which attracts large crowds, we recommend you to book your tickets online in advance so that you can go on the day you want and to avoid the ticket office queues.

purchase tickets Hop-On Hop-Off Barcelona Bus

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Camp Nou official store

Tickets to watch an FC Barcelona Match


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Hire a moped in Barcelona

Hire a moped to get round the city


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Flamenco show Barcelona

Go to a Flamenco show


Tablao Flamenco Cordobés

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Park Güell tickets

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Sagrada Familia tickets

Visit the Sagrada Familia


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Joan Miró Foundation Tickets

Visit the Fundació Miró


Evita la fila


GoCar Barcelona

Drive through the streets in a mini car


<Barcelona Turisme

6. Barcelona Travel Cards

To make your holiday even better we recommend you buy some of the tourist and transport cards to save money. Some cards are perfect for those of you planning to use Barcelona public transport a lot and to visit certain sights and monuments which are included in the ticket, whilst other tickets just focus on public transport or just certain sights or museums in the city. We suggest you take a look at each tourist ticket available so that you can decide which one is best for you and your trip.

purchase City Pass Barcelona

Barcelona Pass


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Hola Barcelona Travel Card

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purchase ArticketBCN Passport



6 Museums and art foundations

The Picasso Museum and the Miró Foundation are included

Barcelona Turisme

7. A picnic in a park or garden, or by one of the viewpoints

Sunday picnic in Barcelona

Another super way of spending a Sunday in Barcelona, whether you’re travelling with friends or family, is to go to one of the many gardens, parks or viewpoints that the city has to offer, and take a little picnic with you. Your plans before and afterwards, and the type of scenery that you’re after will affect your choice of destination. We have shown you various gardens, parks and viewpoints that we think are ideal places to go for a picnic.

And if you want someone to make you a gourmet picnic…

If you’d like to enjoy a fantastic Sunday picnic but don’t have the time to organise it all yourself, or if you want to surprise your partner or friends, get in touch with Picnic! Picnic! is a company founded by two young entrepreneurs who specialise in organising picnics in Barcelona. They offer the highest quality gourmet products and guarantee to take care of everything.

And what if it rains on Sunday?

If you wake up on a rainy day in Barcelona, you have two options. The first, and perhaps the most comfortable (if rather boring) option would be to stay in your hotel. But why would you do that, if you only have a few days in which to discover Barcelona? We think that Option B is better, and this is none other than to leave your hotel room and do some of the many things that we suggest to anyone who asks “what can we do in Barcelona if it rains?”.

8. Family plans for Sunday in Barcelona

Sunday with family and kids

Many of the suggestions that we have given you already can easily be done with children. However, we thought it might be very useful for those of you who have children to have a few specific proposals, centred around entertaining the youngest members of the family. There are museums and other cultural offerings, a boat trip round Barcelona’s port, a day out at a theme park… all this and much more below.

And is this just for sundays, or could it inspire us for all the public holidays?

The contents of this particular section are centred mainly around giving you information, ideas and proposals for Sundays. However, it must be said that around 90% of the information that you’ll find here will be useful for nearly all public holidays too. The only thing we should warn you about is that all the information relating to opening hours is of course subject to change on other days of the year, especially on the key public holidays such as Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Epiphany. Therefore, when it comes to coming up with a plan for a public holiday that isn’t a Sunday or that falls on a key date as mentioned above, we would advise you to check opening times on the official website of the museum, market or bar in question (something that we really recommend doing at all times to avoid disappointment).

9. A day trip from Barcelona

day trip from Barcelona

There are many interesting places that are located just a few kilometres from the city centre, some of which are in the Barcelona province, and others around the provinces of Girona, Tarragona or Lleida. As there are so many, and there isn’t space to list every one of them, we’ve drawn up a shortlist of those that for various reasons (personal taste, being easily accessible from Barcelona, the chance for you to visit other nearby places on the same day, etc), we think are the best, when it comes to going on a Sunday trip out. Your choices will also vary depending on the time of the year and the weather on the day of your trip. Here you’ll find everything from pretty coastal towns with superb beaches and coves, which are ideal for summer day trips, to little charming inland towns, with all sorts in between including areas of great historical, architectural or cultural importance.

Catalunya en Miniatura

Catalunya en Miniatura

Calella de Palafrugell

Calella de Palafrugell

Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar




Peratallada, Pals, Begur and Monells


Besalú and Castellfollit de la Roca

10. Sunday evenings in Barcelona

concert Sunday evening Barcelona

If you’re looking for a good plan for a Sunday evening, we recommend taking advantage of some of the concerts on offer in the best concert halls, where you’ll find a variety of live music, or going to some of the diverse bars where you’ll be able to spend the evening catching up with friends, some of which offer live music. From time to time, especially on dates which fall during the specific area’s ‘fiesta mayor’, free outdoor concerts are organised. In order to familiarise yourselves with this information, and for more information about what’s currently going on in Barcelona, we recommend visiting our section span class=”destacado_capital2″>“what to do today in Barcelona?” (which will be online shortly). And if you have the energy to enjoy Sunday night to the full, various nightclubs are open until the early hours of the morning. All this and much more below.

Concert halls and bars with live music

Harlem Jazz Club
c/ (street) Comtessa de Sobradiel, 8
Jazz, blues, soul and hip hop concerts
It varies
€6 – €10
+ info
Sala Apolo
c/ (street) Nou de la Rambla, 113
Live Music venue
From 18:00 to 05:00
Variable ticket price
+ info
Sala Razzmatazz
c/ (street) de Pamplona, 88
Sala de conciertos (y discoteca)
It varies
Free of charge
+ info
La Sonora de Gràcia
c/ de la riera de Sant Miquel, 59
Bar with music and small theatre
De 10:00h a 21:00h
Free of charge
+ info
Vintitres Robadors
c/ (street) d’en Robador, 23
Independent music venue
Open until 2:30
Free of charge
+ info
pl. Reial (square)
Jazz Club
From 19:30 to 00:00
€12 – €25
+ info
Musical Maria
c/ (street) Maria, 5
Bar with background rock music
From 21:30 to 3:00
Free of charge
+ info
c/ (street) Piquer, 27
Rock and Roll Club
From 11:00 to 20:30
Free of charge
+ info

Moog BCN
La Rambla, 1
Nightclub and disco (disco music and 1980’s pop)
From 00:00 to 06:00h (Sunday)
It varies
+ info
Shôko Lounge Club
Passeig Marítim Barceloneta, 36 (promenade)
Lounge Club
From 10:30 to 06:00 (Sunday)
+ info
Marula Café Barcelona
c/ (street) Escudellers, 49
Dancing club
From 23:00 to 06:00
+ info
Opium Barcelona
Passeig Marítim, 34 (promenade)
Dancing club
Open until 5:00a.m.
+ info
City Hall Barcelona
Rambla Catalunya, 2-4
Disco and concert hall
From 00:00 to 6:00
It varies (approx. €10)
+ info
Mojito Club BCN
c/ (street) del Rosselló, 217
Latin music disco
From 21:30 to 4:30
+ info
Pacha Barcelona
c/ (street) Ramón Trias Fargas, 2
Nightclub (with DJs)
From 0:00 to 5:30
€5 – €15
+ info
W Barcelona (pl. de la Rosa dels Vents, 1)
Night Club
From 18:00 to 04:00
It varies
+ info
That’s all folks

We’re mindful that we’ve probably missed out a few things, but we’re convinced that with everything we’ve included in this article you’ll find a Sunday plan to suit you. So we’ve done our work, and now it’s your turn. Enjoy! :)

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