Parks in Barcelona

Updated Jun 01 2023

Although at first glance it might not seem the case, Barcelona has a large number of parks, whether urban, forest, themed or historical, and many of them are of interest to tourists.

As well as there being many places of interest within them, such as monuments and even museums, the parks themselves offer us so much more – a place to relax, unwind or spend quality time with friends, vantage points from which to see the city from a different perspective, spaces in which to take part in sport and dedicated play areas for children, to name but a few.

Natural stages for events and festivals

And if all that weren’t enough, Barcelona’s parks are often used for hosting all sorts of outdoor events and festivals, especially in good weather, thus encouraging people to leave the house and enjoy activities in the fresh air.

The most outstanding parks in Barcelona

Below we have given you a list of Barcelona’s best parks, that are worthy of a visit for whatever reason, whether by tourists or locals. Often because of lack of time or laziness, we find ourselves sticking to the areas of the city that we know and not venturing any further, but we’d like to draw your attention to the fact that there’s so much more to discover.

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