hostals in Barcelona

Updated Jul 02 2020

Barcelona’s hostels are a great option for those wishing to enjoy a holiday in the heart of the city at a reasonable price, as the hostels are almost all in the city centre. For little money they are conveniently situated for visiting Barcelona’s main tourist attraction and places of interest. They are also well-connected through public transport to other parts of the city, and of course the airport.

Hostels differ from hotels in that they don’t reach the minimum services that are required in order to be licensed as a hotel. But that shouldn’t necessarily put you off – quite the opposite, in fact, because the lack of these services makes them more affordable than hotels for those people willing to sacrifice a few luxuries. Barcelona’s hostels often have a bar or a café downstairs, as an option for breakfast or snacks, and there is usually a service for changing or cleaning towels and sheets, but this really varies depending on the hostel. Many of Barcelona’s hostels are ideal for longer stays, especially as they would usually offer a favourable rate for guests wanting to stay for more than a few days.

Recommended hostels in Barcelona

If you’d like to discover the best hostels in the city we recommend taking a look at the list that we’ve included, in which you’ll find good reviews from previous guests. If you’d like a more extensive list of more hostels in Barcelona, you can use our search tool, which enables you to quickly compare everything that’s available for the duration of your stay. We recommend you to look out for their special offers, many of which are only available for a short period of time.

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