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Updated Apr 10 2024

Walking through the city of Barcelona, even at first sight you will be able to see a large number of unique buildings that will attract your interest, and that you will want to stop and admire, whether it’s for their historical relevance, for their architectural interest or simply for their design or modernity.

Because of this, Barcelona is seen as one of the most influential cities for architects, since it gives them the opportunity to admire a great number of buildings of great architectural importance, and from different periods and styles.

Some of the city’s most representative historic buildings are now the sites of important museums or Cultural and artistic centers. You can visit nearly all of them, whether free of charge or by paying an entry fee, but in a few cases it’s not possible to go inside them, whether that’s because they are privately owned residential properties or the headquarters of a public institution.

Barcelona’s most important and unique buildings

Below, we have given you a list of some of the famous and historic buildings which best represent the various styles of architecture in Barcelona, although it has been difficult to single out just a few. The problem with beauty of living in a city like ours is that we have had to end up making a selection of the very best!

The palaces and mansions in Barcelona

Barcelona’s palaces

Between these buildings, Barcelona’s palaces and mansions deserve a special mention, and we have therefore created a separate section, in which you can find out more detailed information about those which have survived over time.

Map of the TOP buildings of Barcelona

List and information on the historic and iconic buildings of Barcelona

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