Barcelona walking tours

Updated Jul 01 2023

One of the best ways of getting to know Barcelona is to go on one of the many guided tours that take place in the city. There are so many, and they are so diverse, that we’re sure you will find the type of walk that you’re looking for.

They range from walks with general explanations about the city, which don’t usually last more then 2 hours and which are ideal for people who are visiting Barcelona for the first time and who would like an overview of its history and culture, to more specific and themed walks, perfect for those spending a few days in the city, those who are visiting for the second or third time, and, of course for people who actually live in Barcelona.

Reserve online and in English

You can reserve any of the guided walks that we’ve recommended online. In principle, all the tours we have suggested are offered in English, but depending on the day of the week and the time, it may well be that it’s not available in English, so we recommend that you check that the walk that interests you is offered in English at the time at which you’d like to go, before submitting your reservation.

These types of themed guided walks are the most varied, and you can find anything from those that offer the opportunity to see Antoni Gaudí’s most celebrated works, to those orientated towards discovering the city’s markets and trying some of their typical products.

You’ll also find walks that focus on the streets and squares of the most charming districts and areas, those that allow you to enter buildings that house century-old shops and businesses, and even those that take place at night-time so that you can see the city from another perspective.

The best routes and guided walks in Barcelona

ruta guiada Barrio Gótico

Ruta guiada por el Barrio Gótico


Idioma: bilingüe (español / inglés)

Duración: 4h30

Infection Museo Cera Barcelona

Infection en el Museo de Cera de Barcelona

Infection Evolution: una actividad de lo más terrorífica

Actualmente no disponible

There are many companies and associations that organise all sorts of guided walks. Below we have given you a selection of some of the walks that we think are the most interesting for whatever reason, so that you can choose those that you think suit you best, in order to discover this beautiful city in more depth.

Although they only last a couple of hours, we think that a guided walk will give you the opportunity to explore some of the lesser-known areas and aspects of the city in a way that might otherwise be difficult.

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