In the district of ‘El Carmel’ you’ll find one of the most beautiful, spacious and charming areas of the city – Bunkers del Carmel viewpoint on the ‘Turó de la Rovira’ (Rovira’s hill), from which you’ll be able to enjoy one of the best panoramic views of the city. Because of the relative remoteness of the area, as well as the fact that it’s a bit more difficult to get there than many other places in the city, and indeed the relatively small amount of publicity that it receives, the ‘Turó de la Rovira’ was not very well-known by the locals and tourists.

This lack of awareness of the viewpoint has changed slightly in recent years, since the photo-shoot for the promotional poster of the film ‘Tengo Ganas de Tí’ took place there, as did the recording of some of the scenes of the film – you’ll be able to see the backdrop of ‘El Carmel’. The poster features the protagonist, the actor Mario Casas, sitting on his motorbike with incredible views of the city in the background.

What does the ‘Turó de la Rovira’ viewpoint have to offer?

The space surrounding the ‘Turó de la Rovira’ viewpoint belongs to the heritage of the city of Barcelona, and it’s one of the sites of the Barcelona History Museum (‘MUHBA’). That’s not to say that access to it is restricted, nor that you have to pay to go there; it’s free to enter whenever you want to go.

sunset Turó de la Rovira

The fantastic 360º views from the summit aren’t the only things worth seeing there. At the top of the hill you will also find bunkers which were used as anti-aircraft batteries, built during the Spanish Civil War in order to defend the city from the bombings that shook it. Over the years after the war ended, barracks were built in the vicinity of the bunkers. This formed the so-called ‘Barrio de Canons’, which remained there until the early 1990s. A few years later the area was developed, and it re-opened on 10 March 2011, as the viewpoint and historical space that you can see today.

How to enjoy the viewpoint at its best

At the top of the Turó de la Rovira there’s nowhere to shelter from the sun, so if you’re planning a trip during the hottest months of the year it’s advisable to go towards the end of the day, when the heat dies down a bit. By doing this you could also benefit from seeing the sun set over Barcelona, with a panoramic 360º view including that of the Sagrada Familia, Tibidabo, the MAPFRE tower, the Torre Agbar and all the other iconic buildings that form the city’s skyline, which can be seen at their best from the Turó de la Rovira.

views of Sagrada Familia

And now that we’ve convinced you to go – or at least we’ve done our best to do so! – if you’re going at sunset, why not take the opportunity to have a picnic dinner there? We’re sure that it will be a wonderful experience, whether it’s with a group of friends or a romantic evening with a loved one.

If you are a keen photographer, be sure not to forget your camera, in order to capture the beautiful view as the hours pass and the light changes – there really are few places in the city where you’ll get such an experience. We have uploaded some pictures that we took ourselves from the viewpoint on to our Facebook page, that you can see here.

As we’ve already pointed out, access to the viewpoint is free and there are no restrictions as to when you can visit. All you need to hope for is a dry, clear day when you can enjoy the best views of Barcelona.

If you’d like to do more than simply take in the wonderful views of Barcelona while you’re there, we would recommend booking onto one of the guided tours of the bunkers, which are organized by the MUHBA Museum from time to time, and you’ll find more information by emailing them.

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Map, and how to get there

Although because of its location, access to the viewpoint is inevitably not going to be completely straightforward, it’s actually not as complicated as it might seem. You can get there either by public transport, or by bike or car.

By public transport

Buses: lines 24, 92, 114, 119 and V17.
Metro: Guinardó i Hospital de Sant Paul (line 4) or El Coll / La Teixonera (line 5). The Metro takes you fairly close to the Turó de la Rovira, but if you choose to use the metro you’ll still have a substantial walk or you’ll need to catch one of the buses too.

Here at irBarcelona we’d recommend you to take the bus, which will take you much closer to the viewpoint than the Metro will.

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By private vehicle

Info: It should be relatively easy to park your car or bike near the viewpoint, but note that what’s not necessarily so easy is finding your way without getting lost. We have therefore helped you out by showing you a route from the centre of Barcelona to the viewpoint.

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