Discos, clubs and night time venues in Barcelona

Updated May 26 2023

Many tourists and visitors, when getting ready for their holidays in Barcelona, ask about the different nightlife options that the city offers and the best clubs and music venues where you can spend a few nights during your stay in the city. If this is the case, don’t worry as Barcelona has a large number of renowned clubs and other venues so your only problem will be choosing between all the options.

Information on clubs and discos in Barcelona

As the range of clubs and music venues in Barcelona is extensive and varied, depending on the type of music you like the most, you will need to go to one venue or another, but you will always find one that fits your music taste. So, you can enjoy the Barcelona nightlife at clubs where big Spanish hits dominate as well as the latest hits of house music, techno or disco music.

Barcelona Night Card

The Barcelona Night Card is a useful card that, after buying it and for 2 or 7 consecutive days (depending on the option selected), allows free entry and no queues at 30 of the hottest clubs in Barcelona.

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It only costs €10 for the option of 2 nights and €20 for the week option. So, if during your stay in Barcelona you are thinking about going out to a club, the Barcelona Night Card is definitely the card for you ;).

Equally, there are also clubs and venues that offer very different music to those mentioned such as Caribbean rhythms that are popular these days; Salsa, Bachata and Reggaeton. If, on the other hand, you prefer another type of music such as heavy metal you will also be able to find venues to enjoy.

Entry prices for Barcelona clubs

Obviously, depending on the type of club you want to go to as well as the area where it is, the entry price will vary. Having said that, going out in Barcelona is not usually too cheap. Entry is free in a few clubs, but most often the entry price includes a drink, and is around 15 or 20 euros.

This price is a guideline as there are clubs where entry is cheaper and others where, on the contrary, entry is more expensive. In terms of drinks inside the clubs and music venues, they are not usually very cheap so you have to make sure your wallet is ready if you want to have any drinks.

The Best New Year’s Eve parties in Barcelona
New Year's Eve Parties in Barcelona

Opening hours of clubs and music venues

Bars and music venues in Barcelona close at different times depending on different factors, although they usually close between 2.30am and 3.00am in the morning. If these venues have an outside terrace, they usually close before to give the neighbours some peace and quiet.

In terms of clubs in Barcelona they usually close at 6am in the morning on weekends and 5am or 5.30am during the week, although many clubs only open between Thursdays and Saturdays.

Where to go out at night in Barcelona ? The Best areas for Nightlife

Although Barcelona has discos, clubs and night-time venues that offer music all over the city (be it live performances, DJ sets that play the latest hits, or background music to dance to), it is true that in some areas the nightlife is more popular than in others and so the number of these venues is a lot higher.

This means that, more often than not, you will start in one music venue and then walk to one of the closest clubs to continue the night.

The best clubs in Barcelona

Sala Bikini

Address: av. Diagonal, 547

Price: €5 – €13

Music: Pop | Rock | House | Disco



Address: c/ Ramon Trias Fargas, 2-4

Price: to be confirmed

Music: Hip Hop | House | R&B


Jamboree Dance Club

Address: pl. Real, 17

Price: €10

Music: Hip Hop | R&B


La Terrrazza

Address: Poble Espanyol

Price: €15 – €30

Music: Deep House | Tech House



Address: c/ Arc del Teatre, 3

Price: €5 – €8

Music: Techno


Opium Barcelona

Address: pg. Marítim Barceloneta, 34

Price: €10 – €20

Music: House | Hits



Address: c/ dels Almogàvers, 122

Price: €7.5 – €20

Music: Techno | Electro


City Hall

Address: Rambla de Catalunya, 2-4

Price: to be confirmed

Music: Techno | House


La Fira Provença

Address: c/ de Provenza, 171

Price: to be confirmed

Música: Reggaeton | Latina


Otto Zutz

Address: c/ de Lincoln, 15

Price: €12 – €20

Music: House | Hits


Pacha Barcelona

Address: c/ Ramón Trias Fargas, 2

Price: €8 – €20

Music: House | Hits


Sala Apolo

Address: c/ Nou de la Rambla, 113

Price: €16

Music: Techno | Tech House | Electro


Shôko Barcelona

Address: pg. Marítim Barceloneta, 36

Price: €15 – €30

Music: R&B | Hits



Address: c/ de Tuset, 13

Price: €15 – €20

Music: Hits | House | Dance


Map with the best clubs and night-time venues in Barcelona

Discos in the L’Eixample district: Gay clubs

Barcelona is one of the European cities with the most gays clubs and venues. Its number has increased in recent years as well as the amount of people who frequent them, whatever their sexuality.

The gay epicentre of the city is in a part of the area of l’Eixample, in the centre of Barcelona, known by those in Barcelona as Gayxample and where the gay bars, venues and clubs are almost the majority.

As is normal, most people inside the venues are gay, but it is more and more common for people of all sexualities to go and enjoy the party in Barcelona at these clubs and music venues.

Discos in the Somorrostro beach and along the beach

One of the most popular places and with the best nightlife in Barcelona is next to the beach, just a few steps from the sea. It is called Somorrostro Beach and in this small space are some of the most popular clubs and night-time venues in the city.

Names such as Opium, Shôko and Carpe Diem, each night attract a large number of people, and in huge numbers during the holiday periods of summer and Christmas.

Inside tourists, attracted by the reputation of the venues and by past experiences with friends who have told them about it, mix with Barcelona residents, who know the great nightlife it has and that a night in these clubs is usually unforgettable.

Discos in the Olympic Port area

Although the Olympic Port, in Catalan known as Port Olímpic, is also located along Barcelona’s seafront and a few steps from some of the biggest clubs along Somorrostro Beach, it can be considered a place with its own identity.

In the small venues located side by side, there are usually many that offer Latin music, although there are also some that specialise in disco music and others techno and house music. These venues or small clubs, also have an outside atmosphere, alternating with various Arabic tearooms and those where you can smoke the famous hookah.

This nightlife area is not very popular among citizens in Barcelona, who prefer to enjoy the night in other parts of the city or in nearby venues on Somorrostro Beach. So, the venues in the Olympic Port are especially frequented by tourists and by the most hard core fans of Latin music.

Discos in the Sarrià – Sant Gervasi district

In Sarrià Sant Gervasi, located in the upper part of Barcelona, there are quite a few music venues and clubs where people with a medium-high or high economic status go. Because of this the entry price and/or drinks are more expensive than average. In terms of the type of music, there are venues with every genre.

Depending on the venue you can listen to big hits and the latest hits of house, techno, national and international pop / rock and dance / disco music.

Discos in the El Poblenou – Sant Martí

In the area of Poblenou, there are many bars, venues and a music hall, where you can enjoy a very relaxed atmosphere and, although it is not strange to find another group of tourists, there is usually more people who live in Barcelona, both locals and young Erasmus or foreign students enjoying their experience of living in Barcelona.

Halls for listening to live music can be found here, such as the well-known Sala Razzmatazz and others (including Razzmatazz) where you can hear the big hits of different music genres; many of them focus on heavy metal and national and international pop / rock.

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