live music & concerts in Barcelona

When enjoying good music and more specifically live music and all kinds of concerts, Barcelona has many different options including concert halls, music festivals, large stages and clubs. So depending on what the event is and the singer, band or DJ, the chosen setting for concerts and musical performances can vary. The same can be said when deciding what type of night you are looking for. A more relaxed night at an intimate concert hall in the city, going to a famous DJ’s session at a club, enjoying an incredible experience during the fantastic music festivals that take place in the city and area of Barcelona, etc.

Music festivals in Barcelona

Without a doubt, one of the strong points about Barcelona in terms of music is its music festivals. And throughout the year and especially the spring and summer months there are a huge number of music festivals. And if the festivals in the city and province of Barcelona are too small for you, a great option is to take a small break and go to one of the music festivals organised across Catalonia. You will find all the information in the specific section we have prepared.

Music festivals in Barcelona and Catalonia
Music festivals in Barcelona and Catalonia

Concert halls and venues

Ideal for having a drink with friends or your partner whilst listening to good music, concert halls are an excellent alternative to the typical clubs. These venues can be divided into two categories: firstly the larger halls, especially designed to hold a large capacity, and secondly the smaller and intimate venues, where you can enjoy the concert seated at tables. You cannot talk about the best or worst concert halls and venues in terms of their capacity, as the type of concerts they usually offer are very different. The choice that means we spend an entertaining, good or fun night only depends on the type of evening we want to have and the type of concert we want to go to.

Barcelona’s concert halls and venues

Music museums and cultural events

In addition to the musical concerts and performances, a good music lover should not miss out on the cultural events related to the world of music that are organised in Barcelona throughout the year. Among which is the Record Fair and many temporary exhibitions that are usually organised at some museums and civic centres in the city. Another must to visit is the fantastic Music Museum of Barcelona, which has a huge amount of musical instruments on display of different types and from different periods and that help you to better understand the origins and evolution of music. All of this is thanks to its rich permanent collection and to the very interesting temporary exhibitions that they have.

Barcelona Record Fair

Barcelona’s Record Fair


Large music stages

The vast majority of the biggest artists in music, both national and international, usually make one, or even, a couple of stops in our city during their annual tour. When choosing the place to perform, they usually go for one of the iconic stages in Barcelona that offer amazing acoustics, such as, for example, Palau de la Música Catalana, or the Gran Teatre del Liceu, or a larger stage such as Palau Sant Jordi or the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium, both in Montjuïc.

Palau de la Música Catalana

Palau de la Música Catalana


Barcelona Olympic Stadium

Barcelona’s Olympic Stadium


Clubs and music venues

Although concerts are sometimes held in some clubs, it is not usually very common. What is however, is live DJ sessions in clubs. Also, on certain occasions, some clubs hold events that have world renowned DJs where a party is definitely guaranteed.

Barcelona’s clubs and music venues
Clubs and music venues in Barcelona

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