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Updated Aug 26 2023

The transbordador across the harbour, known as ‘Aeri del Port’ is one of the most visited attractions by tourists in Barcelona. It was inaugurated in 1929, coinciding with the International Exhibition in Barcelona. It’s one of two cable cars in the city, and it offers the best view, since the journey takes you high up across the harbour, thus offering a panoramic view of the whole of Barcelona from the coast.

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For some people, even including those who live in Barcelona, there’s some confusion between the two aerial tramways since both of them go to the mountain at Montjuïc, although their final destinations are different. You can tell them apart from their colour and shape; the Montjuïc Cable Car is grey and more modern, and the transbordador Aeri del Port is more old-fashioned and a very intense red.

Aeri del Port cable car prices and timetable

We should warn you that the cost of a ticket for the Aeri del Port isn’t cheap, especially taking into account the time during which you’ll actually be on the aerial tramway – around 5 minutes in total. However, it’s a perfect attraction for tourists visiting the city, especially for families who’d like to do something a bit different with their children. Out of everyone, these are the people who will get the most out of the wonderful views If you are interested, you can buy tickets online here and enjoy fast access.

One-way journey: €11.
Return journey: €16.50.

From 1st January to 28th February: from 10:00 to 17:30.
From 1st March to 5th June: from 11:00 to 19:00.
From 6th June to 11th September: from 11:00 to 20:00.
From 12th September to 16th October: from 11:00 to 19:00.
From 17th October to 31st December: from 10:00 to 17:30.
Closed: 25th December.
*Departures every 15 minuts.

How to get to the Aeri del Port stations?

‘Torre de San Sebastià’ station (Barceloneta)
Address: Platja de San Sebastià.
Metro: Barceloneta station (line 4).
Buses: 17, 39, 45, 64, 57, 59, 157 and toursit bus.

Miramar gardens station
Address: Avinguda Miramar 0.
Metro: Paral·lel (Lines 2 and 3), then you will need to take the Montjuïc funicular and get off at Avinguda de Miramar.
Buses: 50, 100, 193 and toursit bus.

Map of the Aeri del Port cable car journey

More information about the Aeri del Port cable car

The transbordador Aeri del Port runs from the ‘Torre de Sebastià’ in La Barceloneta (at the barcelona beach) to the Miramar viewpoint, which is in the lower area of the Montjuïc mountain. You can do the journey in whichever direction you want, so either from the Torre de Sebastià to Montjuïc, or the other way round. If you wish, you can buy a return journey, although at irBarcelona we would recommend that you only need to go in one direction, since you will be able to see everything you want to see on one journey, and in five minutes you’ll get a chance to take all the photos you want to take, and admire the views from the transbordador.

Aeri del Port Barcelona cable car

During the journey you’ll get a great view, and probably the best view possible of Barcelona’s port and harbour. You’ll see the large cruise ships and ferries coming and going, as well as the smaller sailing boats, and of course Barcelona’s beaches, Montjuïc mountain itself, and a great photo opportunity for the iconic ‘W Barcelona’ hotel.

The cabins of the transbordador have a capacity of around 15-20 people. There are only two cable cars serving the route from one side to the other, so at the busiest times at weekends, and especially during Easter and summer holidays, you will often have to queue for a long time. We’d therefore recommend that at these times of year you might like to get up early and enjoy the journey when the Aeri del Port opens in the morning.

Lunch and dinner with an awesome view

You will find one of the best restaurants in Barcelona at the top of the Aeri del Port tower. If you have lunch or dinner at the Torre d’Alta Mar restaurant, you’ll be guaranteed spectacular views of the city.

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