Barcelona climate and weather forecast

Updated May 26 2023

Due to its location, Barcelona’s climate is truly Mediterranean. In general the city’s climate is very pleasant, which is perfect for tourists, but as you’ll see below, some days during the summer months can be very hot, which is often overwhelming for people visiting the city.

At least if your trip coincides with one of these days you’re just a short walk from the sea, and you can always relax on one of Barcelona’s many beaches.

Barcelona’s weather forecast

In this section of the website we will show you Barcelona’s weather forecast for the next five seven. It’s updated on a live basis, and you’ll always be able to see the maximum and minimum temperatures, as well as the weather conditions that you’re likely to have during your trip.

Seven day forecast


This is only a forecast, but it should help you prepare for your trip, in terms of what clothing to bring and what accessories to pack. As weather forecasts change, we always recommend that you keep an eye on them in the run-up to your visit.

Barcelona’s climate according to the seasons and months

Depending on the time of year, and more specifically the month in which you plan to visit, the weather conditions are very different, which is why it’s good to have some background information about the average conditions, in order to plan your trip.

Climate parameters in Barcelona

Below we show you some useful information about the climate, including average maximum and minimum temperatures, and the average number of days with rainfall each month.

MonthTemp. Max. ºCTemp. Media ºCTemp. Min. ºCDays of rain
Annual average20,015,611,155
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