Barcelona in November

Updated Mar 29 2024

The month of November is when the fewest amount of tourists visit Barcelona. This is mainly due to the fact that the temperatures start to fall considerably, although you will still find that they are considerably higher than in most other European countries.

It’s also true that most people who want to visit Barcelona either do so two or three months earlier to benefit from the better weather, or prefer to wait another month so that their visit coincides with the Christmas period.

Temporary exhibitions in Barcelona during the month of November

Immersive exhibition on Tutankhamun in Barcelona

Tutankamun the Immersive Experience

Tutankhamen the Immersive Experience

Don’t miss the wonderful immersive exhibition on Tutankhamen, the most iconic pharaoh of Ancient Egypt

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Fiestas, festivals and events that take place in November in Barcelona

(All Saints Day in Barcelona)

Cemetery Poblenou

Known in Catalan as Diada de Tots Sants, this festivity is celebrated on 1st November, making it the only public holiday in the month of November (with the exception of Sundays of course) in Barcelona. From the Christian tradition, it has its origins in the ‘Día de los Difuntos’ or ‘All Souls Day’ (2nd November), when it is said that the souls of the departed visit those who are still alive.

Therefore, on 1st November it’s the living who visit their departed friends and relatives in cemeteries, taking floral tributes and saying prayers for their loved ones. If you are interested in visiting some of the monumental graves or pantheons that have architectural significance in Montjuïc Cemetery or in Poblenou Cemetery, we recommend avoiding doing so on All Saints Day.

More information about All Saints Day

1st November.
There aren’t any events taking place.

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La Castanyada in Barcelona


La Castanyada is one of the oldest traditions in Catalunya. It takes place on All Saints Day and on this day families get together to eat products that are in season, such as chestnuts (hence the name of the festival, as the word ‘castanya’ means ‘chestnut’), sweet potatoes, the delicious Panellets, which are the traditional desserts eaten on the festival and preserved fruits.

More information about La Castanyada

1st November.
There aren’t any public events.

All Those Food Market fall edition

All Those Food Market Barcelona

More information about All Those Food Market

To be confirmed.
Teatre Nacional de Catalunya.
€6 | €8.5.

Barcelona’s Voll Damm International Jazz Festival

Voll Damm Festival Internacional Jazz Barcelona

From the end of October right through to the end of November this well-known jazz festival takes place in many stages and venues throughout the city.

More information about Barcelona Voll Damm International Jazz Festival

From the end of October to March.
Various stages in Barcelona and the surrounding areas.
€10 / €45.

Saló del Manga (Barcelona’s Manga Festival)

Saló del Manga Barcelona

Depending on the year, the Saló del Manga starts during the last weekend of October or the first of November. Since it first began in 1995, both the number of visitors to the Manga convention and its international profile have grown massively, which makes Barcelona’s Salón del Manga one of the most important festivals dedicated to Manga and Japanese culture in the world.

More information about Barcelona’s Manga Festival

To be confirmed.
Fira de Barcelona – Montjuïc.
€5 / €7 (you can get a pass for the whole festival for €20).

World Press Photo Barcelona

World Press Photo

Every year in April and May Barcelona’s Centre for Contemporary Culture (CCCB) puts on World Press Photo, which is considered the most important and recognised annual press photography competition.

More information about World Press Photo

To be confirmed.
€6 / €8 (free of charge on Sundays from 15:00 to 20:00).

Pre-Christmas period


In spite of the fact that in November there’s still a fair way to go before Christmas, there are already many signs of the forthcoming festivities in Barcelona. One of the biggest examples is the switching on of the Christmas lights, which usually takes place during the penultimate or last week of November, and also the setting up of one of the city’s ice rinks, that which is located in the Plaça de Catalunya.

More information about Pre-Christmas

From the last week of November.
Various pre-Christmas events in different places throughout the city.

Hotels and other accommodation in November in Barcelona

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Weather and temperature in November in Barcelona

The climate in Barcelona throughout November isn’t nearly as chilly as that in central or Northern Europe. However, it’s quite a lot colder than in the preceding month of October, and although it rarely reaches 0º it’s quite possible that it will get fairly close at some point, especially during the last few days of the month. As far as the rain is concerned, November is the 5th most rainy month of the year, but its actual rainfall statistics aren’t that high.

Climate statistics for November

Average maximum temperature: 17ºC.
Average minimum temperature: 7.2ºC.
Average overall temperature: 11.3ºC.
Average rainfall: 59mm.
Sunrise: 07:23 (1st November) – 07:57 (30th November).
Sunset: 17:47 (1st November) – 17:23 (30th November).

Advantages and drawbacks

At first glance many people perhaps think that visiting Barcelona at such a quiet time of year for tourists could only be full of drawbacks, but we can assure you that coming in November has as many advantages as planning your trip during any other month of the year.


Cheapest prices: as it’s off-peak season, flight prices and accommodation rates are cheaper, so you’re likely to get a bargain and save yourselves some money.
Far fewer tourists: which means there will be fewer queues at the most touristic sights.
The chance to try a good hot chocolate: although this is something you’ll be able to do throughout the year, with the arrival of the colder weather in November you’ll appreciate a good hot chocolate even more. You can go to various places for your hot chocolate, but we recommend that you head to one of the best ‘granjas’ or chocolate cafés in the city: Dulcinea, La Pallaressa, Viader or Xocolata Pirineus.
Trying the typical seasonal produce: you will be able to try the typical produce that is available in the autumn, such as Panellets (traditional small desserts eaten on 1st November for La Castanyada), chestnuts, sweet potato and preserved fruit.


Colder temperatures: It’s the month in which the temperatures get quite a lot colder. In spite of this, the tourists who come from Central or Northern Europe or from other colder countries won’t even consider Barcelona’s temperatures to be cold.
Not being able to enjoy the sea: Walking along the city’s beaches and not being able to swim in the sea, or at least not without freezing!
Early sunset: In November it’s already dark by 18:00, as the days get shorter from mid-June and the clock change at the end of October means that it starts to get dark considerably earlier.

Other months in Barcelona

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