Barcelona Buses

Updated Feb 20 2024

Barcelona’s buses are run by the Transportes Metropolitanes de Barcelona (TMB) as is the metro. Fortunately Barcelona boasts many bus lines that connect the city and serve Barcelona’s residents as well as tourists wishing to visit the various sights.

More information about Barcelona’s buses

As well as being some people’s preferred way of getting across the city, Barcelona’s buses are in some cases the only way of reaching certain parts of the city that the metro doesn’t reach, except by taxi. The bus will often take you that bit closer to your destination, and an example of this is getting to Park Güell.

Where to buy Barcelona bus tickets?

Buy Barcelona travel and card passes

Hola Barcelona Travel Card

Hola Barcelona travel card (2, 3, 4 and 5 days)


Getting around with public transport


Barcelona Card Express (2 days)


Public transport included and discount in museums

-10% online

Barcelona Turisme

purchase Barcelona Card

Barcelona Card 3, 4 and 5 days


Public transportation included and free admission to various museums

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Barcelona Turisme

You can choose between various options when you’re buying bus tickets; for example it’s common to buy them in an automatic ticket machine at the metro stations.

What is the difference between Hola Barcelona Travel Card and Barcelona Card?

In both cases, unlimited public transportation is included, but with the Barcelona Card, it also provides admission to some museums and attractions in the city, along with a discount for many other places.

You can also go to one of the places that sell the integrated TMB tickets, like the TMB information centres, Barcelona’s tourist offices, the stands which sell lottery tickets, estancos (tobacconists which also sell stamps) and kiosks.

Tickets for other public transport

Buses tickets are also valid on other forms of public transport in the city.

Metro + info


Zone 1 of the FGC and the Rodalies de Catalunya (RENFE).

If you’re not in a position to buy from these places, you will always be able to buy a single ticket on the bus itself, but not the integrated passes which could work out cheaper for you. The Hola Barcelona Travel card for 2, 3, 4 or 5 days and the Barcelona Card (which include unlimited travel on buses as well as other public transport in the city) can also be bought online.


Remember that your bus pass or ticket must be validated in one of the machines located inside each of Barcelona’s buses – the driver doesn’t do this.

If you’re using an integrated ticket that’s valid on other forms of transport within an hour and 15 minutes from the time at which it was first validated, you will need to validate the ticket on each method of transport you use, even though you will only be charged once for the journey.

Prices of Barcelona bus tickets in 2024

Below we’ve included a table that shows the list of prices of the most common tickets and passes which are valid on Barcelona’s buses, so that you can choose the one that best suits your plans.

Single ticket€2.55Not integrated
Hola Barcelona 2 days€17.5 *Unlimited journeys
Hola Barcelona 3 days€25.5 *Unlimited journeys
Hola Barcelona 4 days€33.3 *Unlimited journeys
Hola Barcelona 5 days€40.8 *Unlimited journeys
Barcelona Card Express (2 days)€27 *Unlimited journeys
Barcelona Card 3-day adult€55 *Unlimited journeys
Barcelona Card 3-day children€32 *Unlimited journeys
Barcelona Card 4-day adult€65 *Unlimited journeys
Barcelona Card 4-day children€42 *Unlimited journeys
Barcelona Card 5-day adult€77 *Unlimited journeys
Barcelona Card 5-day children€47 *Unlimited journeys
* 10% off online

Barcelona Bus lines

The network of Barcelona’s buses is extensive and it is always being developed. You can always find the most up-to-date information on the TMB’s website, where you’ll find a map of all the bus routes that serve the city.


The bus service in Barcelona doesn’t have a fixed timetable as a whole, but each of the lines has it’s own schedule which depends on the route and the type of service. Broadly speaking, the buses start running at approximately 06:00 and finish at 23:00 but it’s always best to check the TMB website for the most accurate information.

Night buses in Barcelona

In order to get around Barcelona by bus at night there’s the option to take a bus called the Nitbus, which exists on around twenty lines, with a lower frequency than the buses that serve Barcelona during the day.

You can recognise the Nitbus easily because the number of the bus is always prefixed by the letter N.

The Hola Barcelona Travel Card and Barcelona Card tourist cards include unlimited travel on public transport but do not include the NitBus service.

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