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Updated Mar 09 2024

Search and book accommodation for small and large groups in Barcelona


The majority of groups of friends who travel to Barcelona usually choose two types of accommodation: youth hostels, which are also known as ‘albergues’, or tourist apartments. In spite of this, there are other accommodation options available, like hotels and hostels that have large rooms for 3, 4 and sometimes up to 6 people.

Staying with friends in youth hostels

Youth hostels are ideal places to stay for groups who are looking for the cheapest accommodation options. They often have large rooms or dormitories, in which you will need to share space with others, although many youth hostels also have smaller rooms, so that, depending on how many are in your group, you may be able to reserve a room just for yourselves.

Youth hostels in Barcelona that we recommend for staying with your group

Staying with friends in apartments in Barcelona

Many groups of friends choose to stay in apartments, because of the freedom that it gives the groups, and they are often set up to accommodate 3 or 4 people, and sometimes more. Advantages include the possibility for each member of the group to get up whenever they want, without being tied by the fixed breakfast times of hotels, and also the money that can be saved by eating and cooking in the apartment rather than going out to restaurants.

Apartments that we recommend to stay in with your group

Hotels for groups in Barcelona

As far as hotels are concerned, Barcelona has many that offer rooms for 3 or 4 people. There are few hotels offering larger rooms than this, although interconnecting rooms are occasionally available upon request. Although it can work out more expensive than staying in an apartment, it’s usually cheaper than booking single or double rooms, and of course most hotels offer services that apartments don’t have.

Hotels with rooms big enough for groups

A boat just for you

If you’d like to make your holidays in Barcelona especially luxurious and memorable for your group, we recommend reserving a yacht or boat hotel. These types of boat are moored in one of the city’s ports, and they offer nearly all the comforts and luxuries that you can imagine.

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