boat and hacht hotel Barcelona

Updated Feb 27 2024

For anyone who’s up for trying out a completely new experience for their stay in Barcelona when it comes to accommodation, an excellent option would be the so-called boat hotel, or sleeping in a boat.

It’s already quite common in cities such as Amsterdam, with their well-known houseboats on their canals, but in Barcelona it’s still quite a novel concept, so there aren’t yet many options of boats and yachts available.

Because of the relatively limited availability and the novelty of the boats, it’s usually a fairly expensive form of accommodation when compared with other options, but as the boats usually have capacity for several people, it could work out fairly reasonable if you’re travelling in a group.

If you’re staying as a couple it’s likely to work out more expensive, but without a doubt staying on a boat must be one of the most romantic forms of accommodation that you can find, so we think it could be worth paying that little bit more.

Cabins, boats and yachts

Because of the size of the boat hotels and how they are laid out, some only offer the option of booking a boat or yacht in its entirety, which is a great option if you’re in a group (the capacity varies between 4 and 12 people, depending on the boat). Alternatively, you can opt for booking just one cabin (a good option for couples), in which case you’ll be sharing the boat with other people.

In which port is the boat hotel located?

Barcelona has various ports, so when you book your accommodation in a boat hotel we recommend that you check which port it’s harboured in, because depending on where it is, you’ll find yourself more or less centrally located.

The main ports where boats are harboured

Port Vell (the old port near the Old Town in the centre of Barcelona)
Port Olímpic (Sant Martí)
Port Esportiu (Sant Adrià del Besós)

Convenience and typical services on a boat hotel

Boat hotels are not at any disadvantage to other forms of accommodation as far as comfort and services are concerned, as they offer many amenities. These vary depending on the boat, but the same kinds of services are generally offered across the board.

Air conditioning
Breakfast service
Wi-Fi (only in some cases)
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