Barcelona beach hotels and apartments

Updated Mar 09 2024

Search and reserve the best accommodations near Barcelona Beach


The beach and the sea are two of our city’s main draws, and together with Barcelona’s other charms, they attract a huge number of tourists each year. Many people therefore choose to book a hotel that’s near the sea, when it comes to finding a hotel in Barcelona.

Luxurious and not so luxurious accommodations

It’s usually accepted that staying in a hotel by the beach is an expensive option and, in general, this is the case in Barcelona.

The prices are usually higher, especially during the summer months, and also taking into account that the majority of these hotels are more luxurious (4 or 5 star). In spite of this, there are some more affordable hotels that might not actually overlook the sea, but are a very short walk away.

Recommended apartments in Barcelona close to the sea

As well as hotels, there are other types of accommodation near to the beach, and tourist apartments are the most popular of all of them. It’s worth being aware that many of the apartments you’ll find don’t actually comply with the law for tourist apartments, as opposed to those for long-term lets, and for this reason we’ve given you a list of our recommended compliant hotels that are located close to the beach.

Other cheap accommodation options in Barcelona close to the sea

Although they are few and far between, it is possible to find other accommodation options, such as hostels (ideal if you’re looking for the cheapest option) and youth hostels (perfect if you’re travelling with a group of friends, and these can also offer some great deals).

For anyone looking for something completely different, an excellent option that’s becoming more and more fashionable is to stay in a boat that’s harboured in one of Barcelona’s ports.

Where to book accommodation on the beach in Barcelona and what type of accommodation to choose?

Barcelona has a total of 10 beaches, which run alongside a total of 5km of the city’s coastline. There are therefore many hotels along the seafront, or within a short walk from the sea. Before looking at any offers, the best thing is to decide what location you’d like to be in, taking into account the type of accommodation you’re looking for.

The best locations close to the Barcelona beach

From hotels and apartments that are located in the most central area around the neighbourhood of La Barceloneta, where you’ll find the most crowded beaches, to the slightly quieter locations towards Diagonal Mar, all have their benefits, and your final choice will depend on your own preferences (whether you’d like a busier atmosphere or more peace and quiet) and of course your budget (as a hotel of similar standard in Barceloneta is likely to be more expensive than that on the outskirts of the city).

Wherever you choose, transport won’t be a problem because Line 4 of the metro has various stops that aren’t too far from the seafront. There are also several buses that serve the road along the coast, and in some cases the tram also stops nearby.

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