romantic hotels in Barcelona

Updated Mar 14 2024

Search and book online the best romantic accommodations in Barcelona


If you’re planning a romantic break in Barcelona as well as enjoying the charms of the city itself, we recommend staying in one of the hotels that offer exclusive services for couples.

Many of Barcelona’s romantic hotels are successful not just because of the services that they offer, but because of the environment itself, as these hotels are usually located in quieter spots, with wonderful views of the city.

Barcelona’s most romantic hotels

Below we’ve given you a selection of some of Barcelona’s best hotels, that whether it’s because of their location, décor, personal welcome or special facilities would be ideal places in which to spend a night with your partner or to spend a romantic holiday.

A romantic night in Barcelona sleeping in a boat hotel

If you’d like to surprise your partner you could reserve one or more nights in one of the most romantic accommodation options, that of a yacht or a boat hotel or boathouse. Have a look at the various boat hotels that are harboured at one of the city’s ports.

Services and benefits of romantic hotels

Depending on the hotel, the special facilities for partners can vary, although the same kinds of services are generally offered across the board. In order to benefit from them, it’s usually necessary to reserve them in advance and pay for them separately.

Welcome gifts (flowers, chocolates, Cava…).
Breakfast served in your room.
Romantic dinners in the hotel’s restaurant or in your room.
Organisation of activities for couples.
Discounts on activities outside the hotel.
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