Gay Friendly hotels in Barcelona

Updated Jun 19 2020

Map with the best Gay Friendly accommodations in Barcelona

For many years, the gay community has considered Barcelona a gay-friendly city. As a result of this, the offer of gay-friendly hotels is ever increasing. Even though the majority of guests in so-called gay-friendly hotels are gay, this certainly doesn’t mean that the hotels are exclusively for the gay clientele. It simply means that the accommodation is designed with what they believe are gay people’s tastes and interests in mind, and the staff are more sensitive to their requirements, at times offering exclusive services.

The best gay-friendly hotels in Barcelona

Staying in Sitges

The coastal town of Sitges has been Catalunya’smost important gay-friendly town for many years. This charming town is therefore a favourite destination for many gay visitors who go in search of a friendly atmosphere, many of whom choose to stay in one of its numerous hotels.

Gay-friendly hotels in Sitges

Services that are often provided by Gay-Friendly hotels

Organising themed parties and activities in the hotel
Discounts for bars and gay-friendly events in the city
Exemplary service and personal treatment

‘La Gayxample’ in Barcelona

From the words ‘Gay’ and ‘Eixample’ the term ‘Gayxample’ (also written in catalan as ‘Gaixample’) was born, and it’s used in an informal manner to refer to an area of Barcelona’s l’Eixample district, where there are many gay bars, restaurants and shops. It’s therefore where most of the gay-friendly hotels can be found.

Accommodation during one of Barcelona’s Gay festivals

If you’re thinking of visiting Barcelona to celebrate one of the gay festivals in Barcelona’s calendar: Pride Barcelona, Circuit Festival or Girlie Circuit Festival, we recommend booking your accommodation well in advance, because hotels get very full during these periods and the gay-friendly hotels in particular are usually fully booked many weeks ahead of the events themselves.

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