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Updated Jun 19 2020

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For anyone who would like to completely disconnect by enjoying massages, facial or body treatments and jacuzzis, the spa hotels and resorts are options that will offer you all this. It’s also a good option for travellers who, after a day packed full of sightseeing, want to refresh themselves for the following day.

It’s probably fair to say that the spa hotels are ideal for those people who want to explore Barcelona more, whereas the resorts are for people who prefer quieter holidays and would prefer to go on a couple of visits near the resort, but away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. The resorts are also popular with people living in Barcelona, who escape to relax and switch off from their working lives.

Differences between the SPA and the resort

Both types of accommodation usually offer similar services, but the main difference is that the spa resorts are located by a spring, which benefits the entire resort. So whilst the spa hotels are usually located in the city centre, the resorts are in villages or more remote areas; they are therefor quieter, and generally have more extensive facilities, the vast majority with large gardens for the enjoyment of their guests.

The best spa hotels in the city

The treatments included

Depending on the spa hotel or resort, as well as the offers available when you book, treatments may or may not be included in the price of your stay. We advise you to check what’s included in advance, as you may need to reserve treatments in advance and pay for them separately.

Recommended spa resorts near Barcelona

Services provided by SPA Hotels and resorts

Facial treatments
Various types of massage
Hydrotherapy pools
Waxing and hair removal
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