Barcelona travel & transport cards

Updated Jun 24 2023

Just as in many other cities, Barcelona has many discount systems on offer for visiting the best-known museums, monuments and places of interest.

This includes leisure activities, the public transport system and other attractions, and the discounts could save you a considerable amount of money.

There are many discount cards and packages available to you, and before making the decision to buy anything we would recommend that you have a think about the kind of holiday that you have in mind, so for example whether you’re planning on visiting many museums and places of cultural interest, or whether you’re opting for a more relaxing holiday on the beach.

How to benefit from discounts and save in Barcelona?

If you’re planning to visit many museums and cultural attractions which you’ll need to pay to enter, as well as making trips on public transport a few times a day, we would definitely recommend that you purchase the Barcelona Card.

With it, as well as being able to travel for free on Barcelona’s public transport system, the price also includes entry to some of Barcelona’s museums, and a substantial discount on entry prices to many more.

There’s also a dedicated discount card that is aimed at people using public transport, called ‘Hola Barcelona Travel Card’. It’s ideal if you’re going to be using the Metro, buses and trams a great deal, so for example if your hotel is a little further away from the tourist attractions that you would like to visit, but you’re unlikely to visit many museums or places of interest that are covered by the Barcelona Card.

Barcelona tourist cards

Here are the best tourist cards for visiting Barcelona. We give you detailed information on the features and benefits of each card as well as the option to buy them online at the best price. As well as being able to save quite a bit of money, in most cases, buying them online can get you an extra discount.

Other benefits for visitors coming to Barcelona with some of these tourist cards, is priority access to some of the most important museums and monuments, or what is the equivalent to avoiding the huge queue that usually forms at the ticket offices.

More specific and targeted discounts can be found with the ArticketBCN and ArqueoTicket cards. These cards offer free or discounted entry to cultural attractions specialising in art and archaeology respectively.

The tourist cards for visiting Barcelona

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