Vic's Medieval Market 2023

Updated Jan 11 2024

Take advantage of the December bank holiday weekend to visit Vic’s Medieval Market, also known as Vic’s Medieval Fair. It has become a beautiful tradition, both for Barcelona residents who stay in the city during these holidays and for the inhabitants of many other cities and towns in the rest of Catalonia.

The Christmas atmosphere that is already felt during the first days of the month of December, together with the charm of this fantastic medieval market that sweeps through the historical streets of the already beautiful city of Vic, makes the Medieval Fair an ideal event to enjoy as a day trip with the family, a group of friends or as a couple.

All about Vic’s Medieval Market 2024

Vic’s Medieval Market, which this year in 2024 is celebrated from the XX to the XX December, reaches its 28th edition, and so becomes one of the oldest and most traditional medieval fairs and markets in Catalonia. During these days, the entire old town of Vic is decked out in all its finery to become a traditional medieval town.

Looking for an original Christmas gift

If, before the early arrival of Christmas, you need to buy a Christmas gift, it goes without saying that Vic’s Medieval Market is the right place for it. And in the more than 200 craft stands that participate, you can find all kinds of gift items and, of course, many of them original and ideal as a Christmas or Three Kings Day gift.

So, the more than 300 stands at the fair, among which are those of different artisans, stallholders, entertainers and street food stalls, are all dressed for the occasion, as well as all the people who participate in the event, wearing traditional costumes from the Middle Ages.

All this means that, when you visit Vic during the celebration of its medieval market, it feels like you have really gone back several centuries, and you find yourself in an authentic medieval town.

Vic's Medieval Market poster 2023

Medieval Market Facts and Figures

Dates: to be confirmed.

Times: from 10:00h to 20:00h.

Where: streets near Vic’s historical centre.

No. of stalls: 323.

Price: free.

Official Programme:

Beware of the cold

As this is an event organised during the first and second weeks of December, temperatures are usually really low and, of course, as Vic is an inland city located at an altitude of around 500 metres above sea level, the temperatures are much lower than in a coastal town such as Barcelona. For this reason, irBarcelona advises you to wear enough warm clothing to withstand the cold that awaits you as best as possible.

Also, it is important to bear in mind that you will be spending almost the entire day, except for a possible break for lunch or a drink in a cafeteria, in the street going around the market.

Activities and proposals of Vic’s Medieval Market 2024

There are many different activities scheduled over the days of Vic’s Medieval Market. Many of them aim to entertain and amuse mainly the little ones and their families, although many others are also ideal for having a good time with friends or with your partner.

So, we can find everything from medieval dance exhibitions to parades, including some historical recreations, archery demonstrations and storytelling for children.

Below is a list with some of the activities and proposals scheduled for this edition of Vic’s Medieval Fair, although if you want to have a look at the complete programme, which includes all the activities and the date and time when they are organised, we recommend you to visit the link that we included a few lines above.

Some featured activities and proposals

Children’s stories
Archery Demonstration
Pony and donkey ride
Puppet show

Where to eat during the Vic’s Medieval Market

The large number of visitors that Vic receives every day for the medieval fair makes it very difficult to find a table in any of its restaurants and makes long queues the general rule of the day. For this reason, we suggest that you choose one of these three solutions:

Book: book a table in advance at a restaurant in Vic.
Street food: eat at one of the more than 100 street food stalls at the fair (grilled meat, sandwiches, crepes, etc.).
Eat on the way: eat in one of the restaurants in the towns you will find along the way to Vic, and get to the medieval market in the early afternoon.

Espinelves Fir Tree Fair

The Espinelves Fir Tree Fair

In the small village of Espinelves, located in the heart of the mountains just under 20km from Vic, the Espinelves Fir Tree Fair is held every year. As with Vic’s Medieval Market, the Fir Tree Fair is organised during the first days of December to make the most of the festive holiday weekend.

For this reason, on some days both events coincide, which together with its short distance makes it ideal for visiting them on the same day.

Map and How to get to Vic from Barcelona

By train

The train station is about 10 minutes from the pedestrian centre of Vic, where the medieval market is located. Trains, especially during the most difficult times (in the morning for the outward journey and in the afternoon for the return journey), are usually very full, but there are usually no major problems to get on the train. However, it is possible that you have to stand up during the journey.

Renfe: Line R3 (from Barcelona) – +info

By bus

The bus and coach stop in Vic is about 10 minutes’ walk from Plaza Mayor and, therefore, from the historical centre of Vic and the area where the different market stalls are located. Without a doubt, the bus or coach is an excellent option to travel to Vic, but due to the large number of people, it is easier and almost essential to buy the ticket in advance, both single and return.

Sagalés: Line e12 (from Barcelona) – +info

By car or motorcycle

The great crowds of people at Vic’s Medieval Market makes it quite difficult to find parking, either on the street or in the private car parks or external spaces provided for it and properly indicated by temporary traffic signs. For this reason, depending on the day and time you will usually have to make several laps in order to find a parking space.

It is sometimes more convenient, after looking around the more central area if you are lucky, to go to other more remote points, where it is less complicated to park and from which you can reach the historic centre of Vic on foot in a few minutes.

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