Estel Ferit (Wounded Shooting Star)

Updated May 30 2023

The Wounded Shooting Star or Wounded Star, in Catalan known as Estel Ferit, is a sculpture located on Platja (beach) de Sant Miquel, in La Barceloneta.

Opened in 1992, the piece was from the German artist Rebecca Horn, who had total freedom over its development, as a final part of the large urban plan which aimed to transform the Barcelona coastline and which also included the installation of other major urban sculptures.

Who is Rebecca Horn?

Rebecca Horn is a highly prolific German visual and multidisciplinary artist, as she has also been a film director and poetry writer. During 1964 and before she was 20 years old, she lived in Barcelona. During this period, whilst working with fibreglass without due protection she became seriously ill, something which deeply marked her personal and professional life. Much of her worldwide fame was due to creating and experimenting with different performances and showing different art installations.

Wounded Shooting Star Barceloneta

Interpreting the Wounded Shooting Star

As the title suggests, the sculpture represents a wounded star fallen from the sky. However, and as usually happens with a contemporary piece of art, there is a certain ambiguity. Four steel and glass cubes twisted and stacked in a controlled disorder that reaches 10 metres in height, provoke a symbolism that is the result of some controversy.

Among the different interpretations of the Wounded Star, the two most accepted are about its relationship with La Barceloneta. The first of which says that it recalls the old memories and the rundown beach bars of La Barceloneta, which disappeared during the redevelopment along the coastline. The second theory proposes that it represents the tiny apartments barely 30m2 that were built in the area during the first few decades of the 20th century.

What is certain is that whatever the interpretation is, the Wounded Shooting Star pays a sincere tribute to La Barceloneta and has become one of the icons of the area.

Other important sculptures next to Barcelona Beach

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Platja (Beach) de Sant Miquel (Barceloneta), Barcelona.

How to get there?

Metro: Barceloneta (line 4).

Bus: lines 39, 45, 59, D20, V15 and tourist bus.

By foot: you can get here by foot from anywhere along Port Vell or from the area of La Ribera – El Born or the lower part of the Gothic Quarter.

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