Urban Sculptures and Statues in Barcelona

Updated Jul 02 2023

As another good example of the high regard that Barcelona shows towards art, the city has a large number of urban sculptures and statues. Although they all cover many different artistic styles by various and diverse artists, they are all in the open air including parks, gardens, city streets and squares. And you not only find them around the most popular and major tourist sights, but it’s possible to find a sculpture and statue almost anywhere in the city.

Urban sculptures and statues along Barcelona’s coastline

Barcelona’s coastline has to be one of the areas with the most statues and sculptures in the city. This is due to the large redevelopment to modernise and improve the area ahead of the 1992 Olympics. Therefore, we recommend you to take a walk through Port Vell and along the promenade.

In the specific sections we include a small explanation of many of these urban sculptures and statues and where to find them (be it squares, streets, gardens and parks). Whilst we have given a special mention in our guide to the sculptures and statues we consider to be the most important or historically significant.

Important urban sculptures and statues in Barcelona

Here you will find a list and map of where to find the more important urban sculptures and statues which we will update bit by bit to include new pieces. Without a doubt, or at least in our opinion, visiting the sculptures not only helps to learn something new but is a perfect excuse to explore new places in Barcelona, as well as those places you already know.

Map of the urban sculptures and statues in Barcelona

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