Barcelona Erotic Museum

Updated Aug 13 2023

Conceived as an informative, as well as curious and fun museum, the Erotic Museum of Barcelona shows us how Erotica has evolved from the beginnings of civilization until the present day, focusing on different cultures (for example Greek, Roman, Eastern cultures) and eras. Situated just in front of the La Boqueria Market, on the Rambla de Barcelona, its central location is a real attraction for all the tourists who walk along La Rambla each day, although the museum is aimed just as much towards the city’s locals as towards tourists.

The collection, rooms and spaces in the Barcelona Erotic Museum

The museum is divided into various rooms and spaces, all situated on the same floor of the building, in which around 800 items are displayed. Many of the objects are original items, but some are reproductions, with the idea of offering a continuous chronology, that starts from erotica from the ancient civilizations and takes us right up to the present day.

erotic room Ancient Greece

Ancient civilizations
The first items on display in this area of the museum correspond to the Upper Paleolithic era. There are also reproductions and original items from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.

Eastern Erotica
Although you will find items that are contemporaries of those located in the Ancient Civilizations room, you will see a clear difference in how sexuality and eroticism was represented in Eastern and Western civilizations. The items on display in this room relate to China and Japan.

The Kama Sutra and the Ananga Ranga
The information about two of the best-known books relating to erotica, the Kama Sutra and the Ananga Ranga, both of Hindu origin, sits side by side with the exhibition of a few items.

Cultures from throughout the world
In this room a whole mix of objects are displayed (crafts, figurines, drawings etc) from different origins, which give us an insight into how different cultures from throughout the world viewed sexuality.

19th and 20th century Europe
Original works and reproductions of drawings, prints, illustrations and photos of great European artists from the 19th and 20th centuries could well have sowed the seed of how erotica is viewed in present-day Europe.

The erotic video collection of King Alfonso XIII
One of the weirdest collections of the museum can be found in a small room, where a collection of erotic videos that King Alfonso XIII commissioned is projected. These videos were filmed in the nearby district of El Raval.

Phallic Tradition
A whole range of cultures have paid their devotion to the phallus, which has always been considered a symbol of fertility, virility and power. In this area of the museum various items are exhibited that show the origins and evolutions of this devotion.

Pin-Up Style
One of the great artistic styles related with erotica is that of the Pin-Up, which was born in the middle of the 20th century in the USA, symbolized by the representation of voluptuous women.

Great genius painters
A part of the work of great artists who specialised in painting has a direct relationship with erotica. You can see this first hand here, as the museum has various reproductions of the great classics (such as Velázquez, Rubens, Klimt and Goya).

Sexual world records
Towards the end of your visit to the museum you’ll see what is surely the most entertaining room of the museum, in which some of the strangest and funniest world records related to erotica are explained.

Homo Art
Homosexual art also has its place in the museum, specifically in a small room where a few works of so-called Homo Art are displayed, some of which are originals and some reproductions.

Fetishism and sadomasochism
One of the wildest sexual practices couldn’t be without its own space within the museum.

The erotic garden
This is a small space outside the museum, in which various works related to erotic images that nature provides us with are displayed. The erotic garden is also the area in which some of the museum’s activities take place.


Tickets and the Visit to the Barcelona Erotic Museum

There are different ways in which to visit the Erotic Museum of Barcelona. You can do so at your leisure, with an audio-guide or through one of the guided tours that the museum organises.

photographer collection Romanesque art

Barcelona Erotic Museum visit


Barcelona Turisme

You can buy tickets for the museum in the ticket offices themselves, or if you’d rather purchase them online in advance, you’ll benefit from a 5% discount on the normal entry cost. In this case you will need to present it in the ticket office on the day of your visit.

Visit in group

In order to make a group reservation it’s best to do so in advance, and if you need a guided group tour we recommend contacting the museum several weeks in advance.

At your leisure
You can easily visit the museum at your leisure, with the help of the various informative panels in each room, and the items in each exhibition.

With audio-guide
Thanks to the audio-guides, which are available in seven languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian and Catalan), you’ll be able to find out much more information about the displays in each of the rooms within the museum.

Guided tour
The museum organises guided tours on a daily basis, which are included in the entry cost. The tours are usually carried out by people dressed as well-known characters related to erotica, such as Marilyn Monroe. Group tours are also organised in various languages, but you will need to reserve these in advance by contacting the museum.


As well as the daily guided tours, the Erotic Museum also organises other activities, the majority of which take place in the area known as the Erotic Garden, where everything from concerts to dance classes are laid on. There are also events that are specific to certain times of the year, such as Halloween.

Photo gallery


Map of Barcelona


La Rambla 96, Barcelona.

Opening hours

Throughout the year: 10:00 to midnight.

24th December: 10:00 to 17:00.

1st January: 12:00 to midnight.

Closed: 25th December.

Guided tours: every day at 16:30.

Entry cost

General admission: €9.

Guided tour: included in the price of the ticket.

Concessions: €8 for students, retired people, disabled person and companion and holders of the Carnet Jove.

Groups (10 people or more): €7.

Other discounts: Barcelona Card (22%), Barcelona City Tour and Bus Turístic (11%).

Free of charge: Children under the age of 8.

Guided tour: available with prior reservation (in various languages).

How to get there?

Metro: Jaume I (line 4).

Buses: lines 41, 42, 55, 59, 91, H16, V13 and tourist bus.

On foot: In the middle of the Rambla de Barcelona, you can easily walk from any part of the city centre.

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