Gaudí House Museum

Updated Aug 09 2023

The Gaudí House Museum (in Catalan Casa Museu Gaudí) is situated within Park Güell and visited by hundreds of tourists each day. There’s surely no better place to house a museum about Gaudí than in his own home, where he lived for nearly the last twenty years of his life.

Tickets to visit Casa Gaudí and Park Güell

Gaudí House Museum

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Highlights about the Gaudí House Museum

By contrast to the Park Güell, which is owned by Barcelona’s local council, the Gaudí House Museum itself is the property of the Junta Constructora of the Sagrada Família (the foundation in charge of the construction of the Sagrada Familia), and since 1992 they have been in charge of the management and upkeep of the house.

What is there to see in the Gaudí House Museum?

What is know the Gaudí House Museum was, in its day, the house which showed what was going to be a private urban development, and which ended up being known as Park Güell.

When the construction project was axed the house was put up for sale, and when a buyer wasn’t found, it was Antoni Gaudí himself who bought the house. He lived there until 1925, just a year before his death.

Gaudí House Museum

The house has four floors, although you can only actually visit two of them, namely the ground floor and the first floor. The basement is used by the administration team, and the second floor houses the ‘Eric Casanelles’ library, which can only be accessed by prior permission.

Despite the limited space on the two floors, what you can see there is very interesting, including the original furniture used by Gaudí as well as some of his personal possessions.

There is also furniture designed and made for some of Gaudí’s other large projects, such as those for Casa Calvet, , Casa Vicens and Casa Milà.

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Where is the Gaudí House Museum? Map and how to get there

Barcelona Map


Within Park Güell. C/ (street) Olot 13, Barcelona.

Opening hours

From October to March: from 10.00 to 18.00.

From April to September: from 09.00 to 20.00.

Special opening hours: 1st and 6th January and 25th and 26th December: from 10:00 to 14:00.

Ticket prices

General admission: €20.65 (includes a visit to Park Güell).

Concessions: Discounts based on age.

Free entry: Children up to the age of 6, visitors with disability of more than 65%, and ‘Amics de Temple’ (Friends of the Sagrada Familia).

How to get there

Metro: You can get near to the park by getting off at Lesseps or Vallcarca, both on Line 3, but you will need to walk uphill for a few minutes.

Buses: lines 24, 92 and 116. Other bus lines with nearby stops are: 27, 32, 39, H6, V17 and tourist bus.

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