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Updated Mar 29 2024

If you’re visiting Barcelona and you would like to buy a present or typical souvenir, you won’t have any problem in finding what you want, as the city is full of shops aimed at tourists, selling all sorts of souvenirs. There’s a wide range of products on offer, and this will of course vary depending on which shop you go to.

Many of the items that are sold as souvenirs are typical of Barcelona and Catalunya’s culture, history and art, which is quite distinct, whereas others are more related to the culture of the rest of Spain.

Our recommendations of shops selling gifts and souvenirs

Many of the shops and businesses that we recommend below offer typical souvenirs that depict Barcelona’s iconic tourist sights, and are quality items. However, you’ll also find another type of shop that, under the brand of “Made in Barcelona”, sell all sorts of products that are the perfect memories of Barcelona.

They aren’t typical souvenirs as such – you’ll find everything from hand-made soaps and candles with original designs, to T-shirts designed by local designers, stationery, decorative objects etc.

We’ve also included the places in which you’ll find the best chocolates, sweets and typical foods from Catalunya.

‘Made in Barcelona’ originals
Specialist shops
In museums and tourist sights
Shopping centres
Souvenirs in bars and restaurants
Book shops
Chocolates and sweets
Gastronomic specialities
Shops with character and art galleries

Map of our gift shop recommendations

RingelsSouvenirs next to the Sagrada Familia c/ Mallorca, 118
OMG BarcelonaSouvenirs of original design pl. de la Llana, 7
KukuxumusuInteresting gifts of original design Les Rambles, 56 / c/ Argenteria, 69
Palau MojaTourist information and souvenirs c/ Portaferrissa, 1
La Capell (COAC)Bespoke souvenirs pl. Nova, 5
BarcelonetasBespoke souvenirs c/ Nàpols, 215
BdeBarcelonaAll types of souvenirs av. Gaudí, 28
Authentic LocalWith a great variety of souvenirs c/ Provença, 304
Galería Maxó3D postcards, engravings and drawings c/ Petritxol, 18 / c/ Portal Nou, 29
2 BISUnusual presents c/ del Bisbe, 2B
La LesiaArt gallery specialized in Barcelona c/ de la Llibreteria, 3
Fàbrica MoritzBeer-related presents Rnd Sant Antoni, 39-41
Hard Rock CafeBar which has its own souvenirs pl. Catalunya, 21
Cereria AbellaBespoke souvenirs c/ Boters, 5 / c/ Sant Antoni Abat, 9
Dovetail DiseñoOrganic T-shirts of the “Made in Barcelona” brand E-commerce
Fragments BCNBarcelona paving stones and bespoke gifts c/ Providència, 69
La Nostra CiutatProducts designed by artists from Barcelona c/ del Pi, 11
CCCB LAIEBooks about art and gifts c/ Montalegre, 5
AltaïrTravel books Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 616
Sala CiutatBooks about Barcelona c/ Ciutat, 2
Poble EspanyolShops selling typical products av. Francesc Ferrer i Guardia, 13
Recinte Modernista Sant PauHighest quality souvenirs c/ de Sant Quintí, 89
Casa BatllóGood quality Gaudi-inspired souvenirs Passeig de Gràcia, 43
La PedreraGood quality Gaudi-inspired souvenirs c/ de Provença, 261
Park GüellGood quality Gaudi-inspired souvenirs c/ d’Olot, 2
Gaudí ExperiènciaGood quality Gaudi-inspired souvenirs c/ de Larrard, 41
Sagrada FamiliaGood quality Gaudi-inspired souvenirs c/ de Mallorca, 401
Palau GüellSouvenirs “gaudinianos” de calidad c/ Nou de la Rambla, 3-5
Corte InglésDepartment store with souvenirs Multiple addresses
Casa AmatllerDelicious Amatller chocolates Passeig de Gràcia, 41
Xocoa-BCNGourmet chocolates of all types Multiple addresses
Chocolate MuseumChocolate specialities c/ del Comerç, 36
Torrons VicensTurrón “Made in Catalunya” Multiple addresses
La ColmenaCake shop selling gift items pl. del Àngel, 12
Sylvia’s BoxArtisan biscuits c/ Rosselló, 60
Casa ColominaTurrones and sweets c/ Cucurulla, 2
Happy PillsTurrones and sweets c/ Cucurulla, 2
La BoqueríaGastronomic produce La Rambla, 91
Plaça del PiWeekend food market pl. del Pi

Books, books and more books about Barcelona

There are of course an infinity of books about Barcelona. The typical guide books that offer information about the unmissable sights of the city, those that focus on explaining the origins and history of the city, those that give information about the architectural gems in Barcelona, books focusing on specific districts or areas, those offering advice and suggestions about making the most of Barcelona’s night life, those that are full of anecdotes and interesting information, those that are orientated towards the youngest visitors, compilations of the best historic shops, bars and restaurants, comics…

Well, as you can see, whatever your friends’ interests, we’re sure that you will at least find a book about Barcelona that’s the perfect gift for them all. And don’t forget to treat yourself to a book, too!

Where are these shops?

Just as in any large city, Barcelona’s gift and souvenir shops can be found in four main places: the very centre of the city, inside and in the vicinity of the museums and tourist attractions themselves, in the main tourist areas and in the airport.

You will also find other shops that, although they don’t actually specialise in souvenirs, sell typical products from the city or “Made in Barcelona” branded products, making them a good alternative to the most typical souvenirs.

A suggestion

We suggest that you buy your souvenirs or presents in the museums’ own shops, or in the official shops located inside tourist attractions, in specialist shops and in the shops that sell artisan products or items with the “Made in Barcelona” brand.

At the City Centre

souvenirs in the Barcelona centre

Many of the gift and souvenir shops in the city centre of Barcelona can be found on La Rambla, and along some of the nearby narrow streets. Although what’s seen as typical Spanish culture, with flamenco and bullfighting, isn’t at all typically Catalan, the windows and shelves of many of these shops are full of these ‘typical Spanish souvenirs’.

In some of these shops, most of which sell very cheap and therefore not so high quality items, you’ll also find things that have absolutely nothing to do with Barcelona, Catalunya or even Spain, such as Mexican sombreros (which are fortunately becoming less commonly found).
If you’re needing to buy for lots of people, and are hoping to buy something little and not spend much, any of these shops could be a good option for you, as if you take the time to look around you’re likely to find something nice.

These shops also tend to stock a good variety of products: fridge magnets, photos and postcards, keyrings, glasses, plates and all sorts of mugs.

Avoid buying from the ‘manteros’

Here at irBarcelona we recommend that you avoid any temptation to buy products from the ‘manteros’ – these are the illegal street sellers, who don’t have permission to sell their goods. It’s true that the things they sell are generally pretty cheap, but that’s because they are of very poor quality, and the sellers don’t pay any taxes on what they earn.

Buying from these illegal street sellers above all takes income away from the legitimate small businesses, which do pay their taxes and sell products of much better quality. Because of the competition from illegal sellers, some of the small businesses are even being forced to close down.

Having said that, in the centre of Barcelona there are also an increasing amount of shops that are offering much better quality items, whether they are the typical souvenirs that you would expect to find (magnets, mugs, keyrings…) or more unusual items that would be a really interesting and welcome gift for someone.

Official F.C. Barcelona merchandise

Official F.C. Barcelona merchandise

You’ll find that 99.9% of souvenir shops in the city sell F.C. Barcelona related merchandise. Nearly all of these shops offer original, legitimate products, but fakes are sometimes sold. If you notice that the price of the items is somewhat lower than in other stores, or if the quality looks dubious, it’s very likely to be a fake.

Here at irBarcelona, we recommend that in order to be 100% sure that you’re buying legitimate merchandise, you go to the stadium’s official shop at Camp Nou, to the other official F. C. Barcelona shops that are easily identifiable and found throughout the city, to any Nike shop or to a department store such as El Corte Inglés.

Souvenirs and gift shops in Barcelona museums

Souvenirs in Barcelona Museums

The gift shops in Barcelona’s museums are, in the majority of cases, the perfect places to buy presents. They usually sell specific souvenirs relating to the museum itself, as well as more general gifts.

Products in these shops are nearly always of a higher quality to those that can be bought at the souvenir shops around La Rambla, and you’ll find that they are more unique too. The price is usually higher, but in these circumstances we do recommend paying that bit more for better quality – your friends will appreciate it!

Souvenirs and gift shops within Barcelona tourist attractions

Souvenirs in Tourist Attractions

Tourists attractions such as the Sagrada Familia, the Casa Batlló, the Casa Milà or the Park Güell have stores within them and nearby, and again they sell specific items relating to the attractions as well as more general souvenirs.

We would recommend you to visit the shop which is located at the main entrance to Park Güell; it’s small, but within it you’ll find all sorts of original and colourful gifts which are related to the park and its famous architect, Antoni Gaudí.

Souvenir and gift shops at the Barcelona airport

Souvenirs at the Barcelona Airport

It might not have much individuality or character, especially as it’s sometimes seen as a sign of leaving things to the last minute, but actually Barcelona Airport has a wealth of very elegant and unique gifts which your friends and family are sure to appreciate, so don’t worry if you run out of time when you’re in Barcelona itself.

For the same reason we also recommend that you take a look at the shops within Barcelona Airport, before catching your flight home. We’re sure that you’ll give in to temptation and end up buying a last gift… or several!

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