How to get to Barcelona from...?

Updated Jul 02 2023

As it’s such a major city, Barcelona is very well-connected. You’ll therefore find that it’s possible to arrive in the city by land, air, and even sea – as it’s a coastal city.

The city you’re coming from will determine what form of transport is most convenient and cheapest for you, be it boat, plane, train, bus, car or motorbike. Our aim is simply to offer you detailed information in order to help you choose and to provide an answer to any possible questions you may have.

How to get to Barcelona city centre from the airports

If you are travelling to Barcelona by plane, it is important to know all the options for getting from the airport to the city centre or wherever your accommodation is located.

That is why here we offer detailed information on getting to Barcelona from Barcelona- El Prat Airport, from the Girona – Costa Brava Airport and, even, from the further away Reus Airport.

Barcelona El Prat Airport

Barcelona from Barcelona El Prat Airport


Barcelona Girona Costa Brava Airport

Barcelona from Girona – Costa Brava Airport


Barcelona Reus Airport

Barcelona from Reus Airport


Ways to get to Barcelona from another city or country

By sea on a cruise or ferry, by air on a plane, by road in a car or motorbike or train, out of all of these options you just need to choose the one you like the most and the best way to get to Barcelona for you.

Here is more detailed information on how to get to Barcelona by each of the different means of transport.

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